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Pain in labia minora during period

I was just wondering if this is normal or not: during my period, if it's a heavier one, I sometimes feel pain in the "lips" of my vagina, like they're sore or swollen. They don't appear to be swollen though. I feel like this might just be due to the increased blood flow down there but it was especially bad this time (though I should add this is my first period in about 8 months - I went off birth control, but am going to go back on soon [I've never been pregnant]). Thanks for any advice!
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When i had periods i got pain but it was more of an ache and felt like there was a weight hanging off my vagina LOL

It could be excess blood flow...makes sense cause women who get vulval pain experience it when they are aroused as the blood flow causes the pain...no one knows why tho.
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YES! It is like a bruised feeling. No itching or burning just a real deep aching. I never considered it could be blood flow but it is so so uncomfortable! I have had a baby nearly 8 months ago and dont recall feeling this during or after my pregnancy when I had no periods. It's only come back now that I have cut back on breast feeding as frequently and my period has come back!! I can't find any answers to this, but it's good to know it's not just me haha!! Only thing that's helped slightly is the icepacks which they give you after you give birth.. You cut the side of your pad open carefully and put the small ice pack in and it's soothing. Helped with this too!! Don't know if that helps at all! :)
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It's funny, my aching labia lead me to this forum. I'm gonna chalk it up to the increased blood flow. I experienced this during my last pregnancy too. (My baby is almost 8 months old) As of now, I only get this during the 1st day of my period. Feels like I slept in a pair of jeans all night...sooooo uncomfortable! Glad to know I'm not alone.
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Thanks for the posts about aching of lady lips, increased blood flow makes sense. After having my son 5 years ago there have been some changes in my body, this increased sensitivity/awareness is one of the many. Glad to know I am not the only one to experience aching for the first day of my period.

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OK, so glad to know its more common than I thought. I have 3 children now and I don't know if it started happening after I had my first child or not, but probably around that time anyway. Its especially intolerable if I stand in one place for any amount of time. I had a friend who recently had her second child and when her periods returned she told me it felt like someone 'had given her a swift kick between the legs'!

Also, years before I had children a friend of mine (with two kids) told me she doesn't wear tampons because they make her feel 'crampy'. Now I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed a connection. Does the pain get worse when you are using tampons?
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I also am only achy on days 1 & 2 (when it is the heaviest).  As most of you have already said ...I am glad I am not alone :)
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