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Pain on entry during intercourse!

Anyone that can help please do! Lately when I have sex with my bf I get like a cut or tear near the entrance to my vagina. It heals quickly and only appears after sex. But it makes having sex extremely painful for me. Sometimes the pain subsides a little and other times I can barely stand to let him continue. I have no idea what is causing this. Sometimes he does enter me before I am ready and wet enough and I know that may have caused it. But sometimes I think I am ready and it still hurts. It hurts worse in missionary and not as bad if he were behind me. And now its like every time we go to do it I just know its going to hurt ,(like maybe twice in the last few months It didn't hurt) and it kinda makes me not want to but I still do. Its gotten slightly better than when it first happened, and the first time I know it was because I wasn't wet enough and ever since then it hurts and I have the little tear in the same area every time. It heals but comes back after sex. (and I only see him every other weekend whiles hes in school, and I only have this problem after sex). Ive never experienced this before. I have NO CLUE what it could be and I am so tired of it I really am. Sex isn't enjoyable for me anymore. And also I have like dry skin on my outer vaginal lips and below on my butt, it itches too. I don't know if it is a yeast infection, from wearing pantyliners or what? but not really inside just outside on those areas, the skin is dry. If anyone knows what I could do to get rid of it, like moisturize or something, I don't know. Please offer any helpful advice.
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I would try using a lubricant. I had this problem for years and I finally decided that while I don't enjoy using a lubricant, I would much rather use it to insure that sex is an enjoyable for me as it is for my husband. I will also tell you that I only found out in July when I had my hysterectomy that my uterous was tilted so far back that is was also attributing to my pain.
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I do have a bicornuate uterus. I dont know if this is causing me a problem though. Ive never dealt with it before.  Does anyone know if it is okay to moisturizer the outside vaginal area with olive oil?
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i don't know about the olive oil thing but the dry itchy skin is probably the pantyliners.after about three or four days on my period i have the same prob. then a couple of days after i am fine but it really sucks try using a diff. brand stay free doesn't bother me but always does.Just depends on you.wait till it is gone before you try another though.just to be sure that is the prob.
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I would recommend a lubricant, or if you use condoms you can get the very lubricated ones. They word very well.
I'm not 100% sure about the olive oil, but I wouldn't risk it. It's a food product and I wouldn't put a food product down there. I know that there are certian shaving creams (aka coochy cream) that moisturize if you shave or trim. They have helped me out a lot.
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Hello!  I have a similar problem.
Its pain on ENTRY!!
Everytime he ENTERS I feel pain (kinda sharp stingy---as if a tear or rip is there) and then after the FIRST ENTRY i wont feel the pain anymore!  But it has been over a month that this feeling has prolonged itself and I am going to set an APPT to get checked!  I can only relate this pain to a sexual incident that happened between me and my boyfriend...he had gone in at an angle one day and exactly where he went in at an agle is exactly where the pain is---on the left inside of me!!  Eeew...any other suggestions???
Did you ever figure out what was wrong? I have  the same thing.
I have the same thing what did they say?
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The same thing is happening to me. But its been like that for me and my boyfriend the whole year we've been together. I figured that after I had my son in October that maybe it would help things out but its no better. I really need to find something to do about this. We tried lubrication of different kinds but they either burn him or me. My doctor did inform me on my 6 week check up that my uterus was tilted but didnt really give me any answers. I also noticed that after intercourse I start bleeding for a while with some white discharge which I figured was just ***. Someone please help!!!
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Hi I dont have an answer but I need an answer. My bf and I have been together for almost 5 years and just recently within the past few months we havent been able to have sex like we usually do bcuz when he enters my vagina it instantly hurts. I dont really know why bcuz this has never happened before as it was only occasional little pain when he would get really deep. There has been a huge amount of stress in our house for quite some time so that contributed to not having sex as often either which has caused a little tensing up on my end when he wants to be intimate with me... we tried to have sex last night for new years and I was laying on my back this time thinking it wouldnt hurt as the time before I was on top and that time I got all the in but it didnt stop hurting at all I could barely even move my body the way he likeswithout it hurting..anyways last night on my back he was down on me for awhile and I had orgasmed a couple times and he went to go inside me and as soon as he got inside me it hurt and we couldnt continue..... honestly he doesnt want this to destroy me mentally but im worried about what will happen to us if we cant make love to each other :( I have tried to do a finger test anc the first time it hurt like hell today it hurt a tiny bit but can anyone tell me when you feel insidd yourself if there is like a piece of the vagina you kinda have to "go around"? Like I spead my lips apart and went to find the hole and I was laying on. Y back and it feels like u have to go down and then go up??... please tell me this makes sense to anyone... im 25 yrs old I had a recent pap earlier this yesr that came back good... I dont know if gaining a little bit of weight or even taking methadone is causing something.... I am also on depo shot... I just want to please my guy how I used to instead of crying to sleep and wondering if he really means that its ok :(.... I nave had chlamydia but before we got back together and it was clesred up... this is not even in the same pain ballpark so I KNOW its not that!! Please please help me
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