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Painful bump on clitoral hood?

I am currently a minor, and I've never used this website before so my apologies if I use it wrong. But I have become aware of a new issue that's been very worrying to me; I have some sort of painful bump on my clitoral hood. I discovered this the morning after (clitorally) masturbating one night. The bump is on the left side of my clitoral hood and when I feel it, it's like there is some kind of tail(?) or string attached to the head of the bump. It is very small but is painful if you poke it in the right way. The left side of my clitoral hood also seems to have swollen and it's very confusing to me as to what is going on - there's no other people online who seem to have my problem. Before you suggest it, I do already plan to go to the Gynecologist, but right now I am in isolation due to suspected C-19 and won't have access to a doctor's office until at least next week. Some people have had similar issues and have said it was a cyst, but there seems to be no head or anything to pop it.
In shorter terms I have a long bump in my clitoral hood and it's worrying me a lot. If anyone has any clue as to what it could be please let me know.
Please feel free to ask for any clarification, but unfortunately I cannot post pictures.
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I'd try a few sitzbaths. If it's a cyst it might open up and drain, and they aren't risky like poking at it would be. You really don't want to cause an infected pore. Try a mild solution of white vinegar and (mostly) warm water, or Epsom salts and warm water.
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That sounds like a good idea, thank you! I appreciate it a lot.
About what ratio of epsom salt to water would you recommend?
When I've used Epsom salts in a bath (for the magnesium) I just tossed a cup of salts into a full bath. So if you are just putting in enough water to sit, you'd maybe do a few teaspoonfuls. There should be suggestions on the container of Epsom salts, or online.
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