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Painful smear

I just had my first smear test (I had thought that I'd had one before at a sexual health clinic, but I don't remember it being this bad...)

Anyway, it was slightly uncomfortable/tense when they inserted the speculum, but very painful when collecting the sample - I almost cried.  It's been a few hours and is still slightly uncomfortable, and there has been a small amount of blood.

Could this be because I only finished my period two days ago?  I don't know if this is old blood that's been disturbed somehow (although my discharge has been clear for 2 days) or if it's new spotting from the procedure.

Also, I keep reading that it's not meant to be painful - just uncomfortable.  Is it normal that mine hurt so much?  It was like a stinging/scratching/pinching pain.
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I have had this as well, my doctor said it will hurt more if your bladder is full. so when i went for my next smear i made sure i went pee before and it was ok, as for the bleeding your supposed to wait 7 to 10 days after your period and in some women spotting after this is done is normal. Hope this helps
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My letter said nothing about waiting that long after my period... problem is it's so difficult to book appointments outside my work hours anyway, but that does help.

I had been to the toilet beforehand so my bladder was empty... but I have been quite constipated so I don't know if that would make a difference?

There hasn't been any more bleeding since last night, but it was still a bit uncomfortable this morning.
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