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Pap Smear/Cervical Cancer

I am ninteen years old and was given my second pap smear in March of 2014. (to my knowledge pap smears are only supposed to given at 21 and on) The results from my pap smear in March were abnormal, as well as the results of one I had in October. I was told that I was showing cell changes. My gyno wants me to get a colposcopy; what is the likelyhood that I've developed cervical cancer at this point? (I was infected with the HPV virus within the past year)
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It is very unlikely to be cancer, I've gone through the whole process of getting a colposcopy several times. The Pap smears you had showed some abnormal cell types, so now instead of a little scraping they want to go in with a little camera to see things better. My first time I had a "moderate" concern for cell abnormality, so they took a small biopsy it pinched a little and bled like a period for s day or two. I had to go back several times over several years and each time it appeared as if my body was getting rid of the abnormal cells on its own. My coworker told me she had a procedure done to get rid of a few deeper layers over her cervix (ablation) as her body didn't clear it like mine. And she's since had kids no problem and no more abnormal pap screens. No need to be concerned, they are just doing more tests just to be absolutely sure and catch it early if it is abnormal. Good for you for getting pap screen it's important to take care of your health
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Very interesting, thank you!
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