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Party in June?

Okay, so I'm a 14-year-old female. My last day of middle school is on June 5th. My friend and I want to have a party. She wants to have the party at her dad's house and supposedly there is gonna be alcohol. She just told me today that back in December, she lost her virginity at one of these "parties". Plus, at the party, there is gonna be a whole bunch of kids I don't know from her old school. The same guy that she lost her virginity to is gonna be there. I kinda wanna go because I wanna kinda drink and I have never experienced that before. Plus, in a way, I don't really want to be a virgin anymore. I know I'm way too young to have sex or drink, but I kinda want to. Should I go to the party or not? Please don't leave any rude comments. I'm being serious. Why do I feel like I wanna do all this bad stuff? I know it's not just because of peer pressure because nobody is really pressuring me. I just wanna go to have fun. Help me please.
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Everyone wants to have fun. You're 14. What you have to look at right now is what COULD happen if you go. You can go and not drink, and you can go and not have sex. OR you could go and drink and have sex. If you drink, there's not much of a consequence unless you are caught. If you have sex you could become pregnant. Just because you are at the party doesn't mean you need to drink or have sex for fun. You are a young girl, enjoy your youth, there's PLENTY for drinking and sex when you are old enough. It is ultimately up to you to decide what you are going to do, but just know what could happen if you do decide to drink and have sex, especially the drinking. Since you haven't you don't know your limit, and you could get drunk very easily...you don't want something to happen to you because you are drunk...
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So how happy would you be if you came away from this party pregnant because you were so drunk you had sex with random strangers.  There's also the chance of a sexually transmitted disease, especially if the sex is unprotected.

If you have to ask strangers on the internet whether you should have sex, then clearly you aren't ready.  There is plenty of time for the 'adult' stuff when you have sufficiently matured and have a steady boyfriend that you love.

I wouldn't be handing out your virginity to just any bloke.
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