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Pea size bump in Pubic area

Hello! My pubic area itch mostly around my period and then I will get one pea size bump that is under the skin.You can't see it but can feel it. It is also sort of smooth.  It last about a week. Once it gone, you can see dead skin layer that can be peel off. No marks are left. It tend to happen one in three areas of my pubic area. The first two times I had it, a white head came out and then blood came out. This is no longer the case. I get it every couple of months. It only hurt when I touch it. In the beginning, I also got pimple under my arm and breast too. No more. Still get some itch in pubic area and pea size pimple in pubic area every few months.
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It can be a hair bump, try looking for the hair.
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