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Pelvic Pain- below belly button- hurts to move, can't walk sometimes

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. Recently I've been having terrible pain that comes out of no where. I've tried looking it up on google but nothing seems to fit. When it comes, it's a few inches below my belly button, extending down into vagina. It's not a burning feeling--it's more of an ache or stabbing/pulling pain. It's gotten so bad at times that I can't walk or stand up straight, no position makes it go away. I feel pressure and pain when I need to tinkle, and while I am, and after. Sometimes before the pain in the center starts, I feel what kind of feels like cramps on the left side... it kind of migrates down. I really hope some of this makes sence to someone. I'm 20 years old, and have no insurance yet. I am hoping someone else out there knows what this is. Thank you all for your time in reading this, I look forward to hearing back from you.
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Could you be pregnant?  Ever have a urinary tract infection? Are u sexually active w/out protection, i.e., at risk for std's?  It could be alot of things.  I think you may need to call your gyno.  Usually they will have a telenurse at the offices that can provide you some insight on what may be happening, while you make an appt.  If not, their are Planned Parenthoods that can be resourceful.
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Thanks for getting back to me. I have had a UTI before, and this is nothing close to it. I am sexually active, with one person, and he has been tested and is clean of STD's. I don't think I could be pregnant, and if I were would this be happening so early? I just had my rag from about 8/10 to 8/14... right on track. Thanks again for getting back to me, I think I should take your advise and see someone about this. Hopefully my school has some sort of program. Thanks again, it's really nice to have someone to talk to.
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it could be IC which cause alot of pain it makes you feel as if you always have to pee even if you just went you get alot of pain. the best bet is to go to a specialest. but what it is, is you are misses parts of the musuc linning so you are in alot of pain and it makes you pee alot. it took me four years to find out what was wrong with me, they though it was just a bad bladder infection.
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i'd check to see if it's a bladder infection.  try looking in your local phone book to see if you have a free clinic nearby.
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IC will come back look like its an bladder infection they gave me meds for year thinking thats what the problem was but it wasnt its IC. Do you feel burning when you pee if so then its a bladder infection if not then it could be IC.
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hello, I'm someone a female with the same problem. I was looking across the net to see if I could get any information and help. Unfortunately i didn't but came across your article. if you did get help about the situation could you please help me. Anyone please am only 19.
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You need to see a Urologist. It sound like Interstitial Cystitis. It's a painful bladder Disease. I have it. It took roughly 4 yrs to get Diagnosed. Not all Urologists know about IC, so when you call one, make sure they know what it is. A Cystoscopy w/ hydrodistension can DX it. This has to be done under general anesthesia, otherwise it would hurt like heck. I have all  your symptoms and more. It's very disabeling and right now I cannot work because of too much pain. I hope I'm not scaring you. Dont waste time seeing a Urologist, it can take time to DX this. Good luck.
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Hello.  Do you know if children get IC?  My son is 8 years old.  For 2 years now, he has been having severe pain below his belly button in the middle of the abdomen.  I have taken him to the doctor more than once and they find nothing.  It's strange because it only happens every couple of months but when it happens, it's bad.  He can't sit or stand straight and has to unbutton his pants.  The doctors check his urine each time and find nothing.  They almost seem to think he might be faking it.  I know he's not because it usually happens when he's having fun not when he's trying to get out of something.  Also I can see how much pain he is in.  His pain usually only lasts a few hours per episode but once it went on for an entire day.  He does not feel burning when he pees and there are no other symptoms besides the pain.  
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I read your post because I am searching about the same thing about my recently turned 11 yro.  This is his first "episode" and I don't know what to do because there is no other syptoms and it doesn't radiate to the left or right.  It's just straight down from his belly button.  When ever I try to touch it he about jumps out of his skin.  I'm thinking I might need to take him to the ER but I don't want to jump into that and at the same time I don't want anything, of course, to happen if it's something serious. We are not "Dr" people; using alternative remedies but I don't even know what to think of this.
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Could it be a hernia.....a friend of mine got one right under her belly button when we were around age 12 and it was sometimes very painful for her until she had it removed.
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I have had that same pain under my belly button for years, and it only happens a couple times a year, and lasts a few hours to a day. Im 26, very active and in shape. I have also had two inguinal hernias in my early twenties. I was also wondering if this pain could be another type of hernia. The pain shoots down from the center of my belly button and it burns terribly to stand up straight, breath deep, or arch slightly back.
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I have been diagnosed with adenomyosis which causes pain somewhat like you're describing.  It's very painful, but it usually only happens right before and during my period.  During a pelvic exam, your doc will be able to feel if your uterus feels "boggy" or spongy.  It's a buildup of scar tissue between the uterine walls.
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I have this bad pain under my bellybutton as well. I have this bad habit of playing with the inside of my bellybutton and scratching it lightly until my bladder is full and I have to use the bathroom. It sounds GROSS but its become a daily thing when Im studying, hanging around the house doing nothin. I even went so far as to cut my nails to the numb to I wouldnt play with it. Do you think this habit is the cause of my pain???
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I have had the same exact pain for a few years now & I'm only 18. Its really random and happens like once every 6 months. When it happens it last like a few hours and i can't stand up strait to save my life. If I push under my belly button it hurts like hell. Recently i was diagnosed with Medullary sponge kidney (MSK). I don't know if these two things are related but you never know. I thought i was like only one with these strange pains, glad to see I'm not the only one. I always tell my mom it feels like i pulled something connecting my belly button and my lower pelvic area almost to my vagina, but she never gets it.
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I have just about the same symptoms as everyone else; pain below the bellybutton to the pelvic area, the pain worsens when I stand or move in different ways, pushing on my stomach hurts, it happens once a month maybe, and it lasts for a few hours. The only thing I don't have is a burning feeling when I pee. If anyone gets any more info on this, please keep posting.
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Well, just yesterday after using the bathroom I quickly changed into my gym clothes and was about to walk out when the pain started! IT feels like its right under my bellybutton all the way down to my vagina, and I peed more than 10 times after that pain started, someone told me it might be an infection, i've had this pain before like 2 -3 times a year, but this is the longest it has ever lasted, its been 24 hours now! And I do have a BAD pain when i pee!!!! it feels like my muscles are sooo tense and dont want to loosen up! So its not a burning feeling! but its muscles pain! very weird, i will be seeing a doctor soon...and will let u all know what happens..

I dont know what to do!!!
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I would see a medical professional.  I have had several urinary tract infections over the past few years and NEVER had a burning sensation when urinating.  I had other pain, pain in my lower back, pain in my lower abdomen (left side) and a throbbing sensation, but never burning.  I would definitely get that checked out.
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My 10 yr. old daughter just told me today that she is having that pain and it runs from her belly button down to her pelvic area and it only happens once or twice a year.  She said she was stretching and got the pain which made her lay down real fast because it hurt so bad. She is famous for not going pee when she has to she just holds it as long as she can to the point were she almost pees her pants so I am wondering if it is a urinary tract infection. If we find something out from the doctor we will let everyone know but from what I have read on other posts it doesn't sound like the doctors know.
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hi all

I am new to this forum I was using google to find out if anything was out there that can help me with this pain that I have behind my bellybutton, I am 44 years old and a mom of 4 there all almost adults now, I have had this pain since I was maybe give or take 16 years old, I was too scared of doctors so I never told anyone till I got really sick when I was 21 I went to the emergency room and they admitted me right away cuz I was dehydrated, they just called it a stomach virus gave me fluids and sent me home nothing took the pain away but I kept quiet the pain got out of hand when I had my last son as soon as I had a tubal ligation coming out of it I was screaming in pain, they gave me all kinds of pain killers and nothing helped not even morphine, so far I have had 4 major surgerys it started with pain under my foot arch it felt like the bone wanted to stick out I am terrified of doctors so I didnt go right away, then of course it got worse, from my knee to my ankle was getting numb, finally the pain was so bad that I was crawling to the bathroom thats how bad it was, sharp electricity going down my legs, the doctor I was going to for more than ten years told me it was all in my head and I thought I was going nuts, when I was unable to walk I went to another hospital and they did a mri and found that I had 4 herniated discs and that L5 had to be removed as an emergency, I was so upset I trusted my doctor and because of him I am disabled now, I can walk but I am in so much pain that I can barely move, I take 250 percocets a month and it barely does anything, my doctors say that I am pain tolerent , something like meds dont take the pain only a bit and that is killing me right now,

I know I went off the subject for the bellybutton but I do have serious pain I have to lay from side to side, the doctors thought it was IBS and gave me amatiza and it took away one problem but I still have serious pain under my belly button, the docs checked me took cat scans, xrays you name it and found that my gall bladder was a bit bad so they told me a lil surgery making 2 holes on both sides and that was it but of course nothing is what it seems, as I woke up I had my surgeon holding me in his arms and told me that I was very lucky, my gall bladder was so bad that it was gangrene they had to cut me from side to side huge cut but that I was going to be ok thank goodness and he couldnt believe that I was going through all that pain and was dealing with it

no pain under my belly button for a few weeks and it came right back with a vengence, I just had a Hysterectomy july 2 and I thought that was it the pain would finally be over and nope, it went away for a few weeks then boom back to pain I have no idea what to do I have checked to see if I have urine infection and that wasnt it, I have no clue what to do but to keep on going to doctors my body looks like a jigsaw puzzle and the pain wont let me walk I dont know what to do anymore

but please dont give up keep asking questions if one doctor cant help keep trying, I hope you will find the answers that you need, I dont wish this pain on my worst enemy

let me know how it all pans out

good luck I will be praying for u and all with this horrible pain

god bless

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I also have experienced this. I have only had it happen a handful of times since I was about 16. I am now 25. The way I describe it to people is it feels like a string is attached to the inside of my belly button and like it's trying to be pull my belly button out through my vagina. Cant stand up straight, and it worsens when peeing. I have no idea what it is but this is the first time I have seen others with what sounds like the same thing. Sometimes it is worse then other times.
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I have just gone to the hospital again for the pain behind my bellybutton and since all the surgerys its still happening they looked up all my charts and found that I had a hernia near my belly button for 2 years now I asked them why didnt they tell me and they told me that it looked to small to be that painful, so now I am going back to get another ct and check it out then they said another surgery might be necessary I almost fainted, the last surgery was hell for me because I am pain tollerant something like that meaning that pain meds dont help at the end of my stay in the hospital they gave me a feratol drip which I can use every 6 min when I had pain and that was when the pain finally calmned down now im terrified to go through this again, I will post with news when I get my ct done
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I have been bleeding old and new blood as well as brown discharge for the last 3 months down below (fornt not back). I am 31 and was wonderign what this could be at my age. I am tired and my stomach is bloating a lot. A year ago I had 9 kidney/bladder infections out of the blue but they stopped this year after not eating milk and sugar products.anymore. I also have undiagnosed swollen lymph glands under my arms and in my groin I was tested for all diseases but no cause was found/diagnosis last year. Do you know what this blood loss now is. Could it be to do with a cyste which I have on my left ovary which became smaller so they did not do any follow-ups on it? What can cause stomach bloating and this very dark brown discharge  and release of new and old blood when it is not the time of the month? Thank you
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I cant tell you guys how good it is to see that im not alone in this subject! i've been to the doctor numerous times and they dont know what it is no matter how i explain it. i always tell them its like my belly button is being tugged on through my vagina and i'll have these sharp pains by what feels like my left ovary. im 19 and have been having this problem for two years now and quite frankly i just wish it would go away. at least now i know im not crazy! if anyone knows what this could be please let me know!
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ditto britterbop.

I'm 18, almost 19.
this is the second time I've felt this pain
like right in the middle between my belly button and my vagina...and it hurts..
the first time I remember this pain (it's very distinct), my dad took me to the ER and they said it was probably just my period starting -_-
although this doesn't usually happen..
I wish it would go away too..
better yet I wish I knew what it WAS
there seems to be a lot of answers here..idk what is is...if it goes away then I wont pursue it..I guess I can deal with something this painful if it only happens once in a blue moon.
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