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Perimenapause or pregnant

I'm 47 years old I'm 19 days late for period but the day or do before period was due I got one streak of brown cm then nothing. I waited until period was about 2 weeks late and took a pregnancy test got a faint positive , took another same thing, waited a few days took 4 more all different brands all faint positives. I haven't had any irregular periods yet except once about 6 months ago I skipped a period no hot flashes, no mood swings I sleep great. But I have read that perimenapause can cause a false positive. I'm not sure what to think. I don't want to call my doctor and look foolish after all I'm 47 I had 1 tube removed for eptopic and was told the other had scarring. So will perimenapause cause a false positive and are they usually faint taking a little longer to show on test then an active 20 something year old ?
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That's sure confusing!  And there is conflicting information.  Apparently, we CAN produce very low levels of HCG as we enter menopause because our brain is telling our ovaries to knock it off to get ready.  But who is to say for sure that is what is going on?  It's my guess that you are not pregnant.  However, it would be wise to call your doctor and have an in office test.  They won't think you are foolish!!  The internet is peppered with women asking the same question so you know doctor's get it too.  As our bodies go through changes, it gets hard to figure it out.  So,  my suggestion is to confirm with your doctor what is happening.  They can also test your blood to see if menopause has really begun for real or just ramping up (you're still kind of young for that).  good luck and please let us know what happens!  
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