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Perineal lump growing, painful sex, strange bowel habit

Four years ago I developed a small lump inside my perineum, to the left side of the area between my bum and vagina. I developed it at the time I had chlamydia (had the std for over a year before I found out and was treated - it was weird bc I had no symptoms at all, until I developed painful blisters on my feet one day and learned they were a result of the infection). I discovered the lump after a small bit of fecal matter fell out of me while I was walking, shortly after using the restroom. Thought it extremely odd/disgusting and went back to the restroom to investigate. Felt around while wiping extra thoroughly and found this small (smaller than a pea) lump on the left side of my perineum, that seemed to be obstructing (from the inside), my anus a tiny bit. I just get that feeling when I'm having a bowel movement. Everything comes out very easy until the very, very end - it just seems like I have to wiggle around and wipe hard to get everything out. I don't strain at all. Since then, the lump has grown pretty big (still invisible from the exterior however) and it now spreads across the perineum (from left to right side), and further up and down (towards vagina and anus) and causes what seems like a larger blockage now near the anus. I don't have problems per say having bowel movements, but there is just always a little a bit of waste left at the very end of my anus, so I must wipe repeatedly. Often times I shower after using the restroom, because I feel so unclean. Sex has become incredibly uncomfortable. It almost feels like I'm about to lose fecal matter, and virtually every position presents uncomfortable pressure in the perineal area. It's hard to describe. It's just so unpleasant. I used to have good sex for years with NO issues, prior to this.  

I have gone to a gastroenterologist and numerous gynecologists. Never received a diagnosis. The gastroenterologist scheduled a sigmoidoscopy, but the results were normal. I had blood tests with my general doctor which were normal, too. The gastroenterologist did tell me that (from feeling around inside my bum) that it felt like my cervix is prolapsed. She referred me to a gynecologist. The gynecologist said the gastroenterologist was an idiot, and told me my cervix is tilted and a prolapse at my age (23 w/ no kids) is impossible. She didn't offer any follow-up despite the uncomfortable sex, odd bowel habits, and lump. I went for a second opinion elsewhere, and the doctor seemed to have no idea what was going on, too. She felt around inside the vagina / cervix / bum and said all was normal, but by pressing deeply on the area between my anus and vagina, she said she could feel the lump. It's easiest to feel when standing. Sort of recedes a bit or is hard to find when I'm lacking back. She called in another doctor and he also felt it. They told me it was a muscle. I explained that I never felt that "muscle" before, and it's growing. They said because I have no pain, bleeding, or pus, that I was fine, and to come back if I develop those symptoms. Pap smears were all normal. I asked for an MRI but they refused, saying that I should try physical therapy for sex. I'm not wasting my time with that. I never had a f*ing problem with sex before this stupid lump! There is SOMETHING inside of me, and it's growing. Why won't anyone help me and figure this out? And what about my pooping issues? So, I never went back. I am tired and frustrated with being shuffled around from doctor to doctor. I am tired of the lack of answers. I am tired of planning my bowel movements around showering. Tired of being unable to have sex. Tired of feeling this damn lump everywhere I go. I have tried my best to "ignore" the problem, but it's difficult when you're reminded daily (by bowel movements and sex).

Anyhow, the last couple of months I developed pus or mucous after bowel movements. Like, a lot. They were small, white beads at first. Now bigger beads, and a bit of cloudy white fluid. There's no pain during bowel movements. No blood. No straining. I haven't been back to the doctor because it's costing me a fortune to be helped none, and I still am paying on all my previous tests and visits. This past week my bum does ache suddenly, so it's obviously getting worse, and I'm getting really concerned again. I felt around, and I can't exactly pin-point where the ache is coming from. It's very mild, but deep... it feels like I have been sitting all day long on my tailbone or something, but it is not my tailbone. And I haven't been sitting all day long. It's just a weird ache inside. Again, doesn't hurt while having bowel movements, nor when pressing around in the area. Just hurts inside somewhere.

Other things that have been going on with my health that I find unusual considering I was (before this lump mess) a completely healthy person. Never had any illnesses or diseases, etc. No history of anything in the family and so on. But... in the past few years I developed yeast infections, and they don't go away. Been treated over and over again and they return in the matter of days, so I've given up on treating them. They're very mild, and hardly noticeable. They just don't ever clear up. I have aches and pains in my left leg. It began in the knee, then radiated to the back of the knee, where I experience it most. It becomes difficult to walk on over time. No rhyme or reason to it as I never had an injury and it comes randomly and lasts anywhere from a week to a month before disappearing again. Seems I'm too young for arthritis, but then what?There's a rash on my left foot, that also has been resistant to treatment. Again, very mild, rarely itches unless I scratch it, so I've let it just be. Also developed an ear infection this year, that seemed to go away w antibiotic, but now there's fluid on my ear drum that will not clear up or drain. Random aches within my abdomen (kept a food log for a long time - nothing stood out). Frequent gas (food long again - no specific triggers). I don't take any meds at all.

What on earth could be going on down there!? Who should I see next? Bum doctor or vagina? I don't know what or where the problem lies exactly. Again, the sigmoid colon results were fine. The external assessment and finger check of bum were fine. The vaginal exams were normal. The cervix is supposedly fine, if not tilted. There's really nothing else down there besides tissue and muscle, so what now?
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Omg. I feel like this is me writing this. (You've described what I just googled for my symptoms)  Though first time mentioning it to my gyno on Friday. Please contact me. ***@****
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Did you ever find out what it was? Having almost exact same symptoms. Going to be scheduling an appt soon.
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Did you ever find out what this was?
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I have the exact same issues!
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This definitely sounds like some kind of infection, maybe a cyst or abscess.  It's possible it could be some kind of hernia but I'm not really sure.  I would recommend taking a sample of the pus and going back to the doctor.  It's possible that the pus is some kind of GI mucus but with the growing lump, it would be worth checking out and requesting a biopsy of the lump.  I've personally found that many doctors just don't listen and sometimes it takes being very, very insistent to get them to.
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Have them check your bartholin gland, it could possibly be a bartholin cyst. I had one and went through the same symptoms. There is a gland on both sides and sometimes the can become infected causing painful swelling and rectal discomfort. They can drain the fluid by placing a small tube to keep the incision open so that it will heal. I am not saying that is what you have but I went through almost exactly the same thing you are going through.
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