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Perineal tear

Never had it this bad before but after a couple days of rough sex with my significant other, I have a horrible tear in my perineum. I use a peri bottle after every time I use bathroom and the water burns the tear so bad. Witch hazel burns really bad too. I take two stiz baths a day using Epsom salt. The water is just excruciating. There is literally no relief other than not touching it at all. I put some bacitracin on it and that offered some relief. Not sure what else I can do. Any advice or similar experiences?
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Continue of pain is a sign of infection and inflammation.
Advice to be examined by doctor to discribe suitable treatment and antibiotic (and exclude the need for surgical intervention )
Otherwise prolonged suffering and potential complication may happen.
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Yes, that's true. Continued pain in this area, I often think there is a tear and it is infected.  It stings for a bit but if it lasts?  Someone should get it checked out. Agree
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Try salt water when you use your peri bottle. The body is more saline than plain water. A nurse once told me that if someone gets an injection of pure water it stings like acid.

If it doesn't improve in like a week or ten days, you should probably see your doctor.
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Ok this was a life changing thing for me literally. I made a saline solution from an entire gallon of distilled water. The ratio I found on a trusted .gov site was 8 teaspoons of table salt per gallon of distilled water. It doesn’t burn at! It offers tremendous relief. I cannot thank you enough for this advice. I’ve always wondered why water stung so bad on any wound let alone a perineal wound that is ultra sensitive as it is. I finally feel like I may be on the upside.
Thanks for your kind words! It was a good idea to use a water/salt ratio from a trusted site, and certainly using the cleanest water you could locate is smart. You can also boil tap water and let it cool, for a continuing source of entirely clean water without any added expense. Also, salt in water helps retard bacteria, so once things are on the way to healing you probably won't be at any risk if you just use tap water in the mix, particularly if you mix it up with the salt a gallon at a time.

Washing perineal cuts is really the key to their healing, so do use your peri bottle several times a day, and wear a fresh pantiliner in between, so the whole area stays really clean and any sweat is absorbed. When it gets a little better, try sitzbaths (again, saline).  

Talk to your doctor if you don't see any progress, but you should be on the road to mending pretty fast. And regarding rough sex, I have one word for you -- lube.  :-)
Thank you! I did research a bit and found it’s called a posterior fourchette fissure. I guess it’s quite common but man this hurts. I certainly hope it heals soon. So we definitely use lube but the last two times we were pretty inebriated and forgot. Thank you again so much!!!
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