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Period blood clots

When  i  first  started  my  period  i  was  12,  (like i am now)...... i went five days one month and five days the other month.... and i had blood clots in my period blood, and then the third month of it i didn't go..... until the  6'st  month...... and then now im on my third period.... and theres  still  blood clots in my period blood.... is this normal?

I want to know because, if it isn't, i want to know how to get rid of the blood clots......  
But if anyone knows if this is normal or not let me know as soon as you can......

My email.....  (***@****)


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Like spade22, stated NORMAL. Just watch the size of the blood clots.
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Blood clots are normal during a period but shouldnt get any bigger than the size of a quarter - if they do, you need to see a doctor. Incidentally, it may take awhile for your periods to regulate so dont be surprised if you miss a few, alternate between light and heavy periods, and the clotting changes from period to period (i.e. sometimes you might not have any clots, other times you might have a lot).
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