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My cycles have been crazy lately. It's been a roller coaster of a year. Diagnosed hypothyroid at the beginning of the year, just as I got into the groove of being active and losing weight I broke my arm. It's been a struggle to get back on track since. My normal cycle length is 35ish days. Most of the year was normal til I broke my arm in Aug. Since then I had 2 almost 50 day cycle lengths and then last 2 cycles were 27 and 28 days. My period 2 months ago was really light and last month was heavier but not quite normal. I've also been spotting mid cycle around ovulation time. I'm struggling to control my weight right now and no that could affect all of this. I'm calling to make an appt on Monday but I'm just wondering what experience you ladies have with this sort of thing.
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Hi.  So sorry to hear about your set back with the arm.  That really stinks.  You were on a good path and that thwarted your efforts.  Remember, you can still be physical in terms of cardio and can manage weight through your eating.  :>)  I know it is hard.  I went through years of weight going on and having great difficulty taking it off.  I made some lifestyle changes and slowly have lost weight.  But it's hard to keep off.

Yes, all of this can definitely affect your period.  And, you may have an issue with your thyroid.  If you have unusually long cycles, that is a symptom of a slow thyroid and guess what, so is weight gain.  Glad you are seeing your doctor.  Let us know how that goes.  good luck
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