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Period is not stopping after 3rd day on the pill

I started a new bc in January and instead of me waiting for my period, I skipped it and started a new pack. The first week I spotted ( I'm assuming from skipping my period) and then it stopped. I decided to wait for my withdrawal bleeding and last pill was on the 15th and my period started on the 19th and my 7th day was on the 22nd. I started my new pack of pills on the 23rd of Saturday and I'm on my 3rd pill from my new pack, but my period has not stopped. Im not having heavy periods, but when I wipe, I'm still getting sticky fresh looking blood. Why wont my bc stop my period?
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Whew, trying to follow that.  So, you are not taking a break in between pill packs to get the induced sugar pill (cessation of hormones) spotting?  I'd probably not do that to be honest.  It's not like a real period but rather some spotting.  Usually not that heavy.  I'm not sure what is going except that you seem to be out of balance hormonally.  This can happen---  perhaps the kind of pill you are on isn't a great fit for you.  Some are heavy in estrogen, some heavier in progesterone.  Having too much progesterone will cause spotting, etc.  Circle back with your doctor to check.  And I may be way off of what you were trying to say!
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