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Period pains and spotting

Hi all, have been diagnosed with Endometriosis for about 2 yrs now and the doctors refused to treat me with the prescibed treatment recommended by the specialists. Doctor said i am too yong cos it may cause infertility etc.. I'm 23yrs.
Anway, have been on a particular brand of the contrceptive pill (combind) for 5 months. I am now having period pains and spotting. Bleeding between periods was a very regular thing for me and sometimes afer sex. I am so angry that it is taking so long to find a medication to stop my bleedng, which then leads to my back ache, related to my endometriosis. Question, Can anyone suggest a treatment, medication, or even herbal treatment to help me with the bleeding?
I have just been diagnosed with borderline smear results too, due for a check up in June to check my smear again, just incase anyone thinks this information maybe related to the above?
Any advice would be helpful.
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I was diagnosed with endo 3 years ago. I had a lap done and after my gyno told me my options for treatment. I took the BC because I was getting married and knew we wanted to start a family soon and the Lupron seemed drastic to me. I was on the Patch and that seemed to help. I had cramps and everything with my period. I started getting break thru bleeding after 3 years of being on it (which can happen). I decided to go off BC and DH and I are TTC. I know that sometimes you may have to switch BC a couple times to find what's right for you. I don't recomend the patch anymore because of the new info about it. I also have been on Yasmin, Ortho Tri Cyclene and something else I can't remember. Hope you find something that works. Did you have a laparoscopy to diagnose the endo??
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Do you have a specialist and a regular dr??
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I did have an lap to confirm the endometriosis. They said I had afew legions but not enough for the pain I can have. I have been on several pills, The first pill was great it worked wonders for 6 months but when i went back to get another percription, I got it then got to the pharmacy and they told me it was discontinued. I was to say the least angry. I have been on allsorts of medication ontop of my pill to stop the bleeding.
I was in agony last night with period pains and back ache. gonna go to doctors when I can get a appointment, hopefully today. Need pain killers usually codeine phosphate. I am so fed up with the doctor refering me to the specialist and then not treating me with the recommened medication. I dont want to try for a child yet, starting university in september for 4 yrs so its not appropriate. anyway thank you for your advice. Let you know what the doctor said, just hope I make it through the day at work without any trouble.
thanks Tammygirl. P.s I am so grateful I have a long term  partner who understands and supports me through this, I hope others have some support in theirs lives. Endometriosis has changed my life, I am now 3 and half stone lighter weighing 11 stone at 5.4". I am fit and well goto gym etc.. I found changing the way I live helped me through the pain.
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I was surprisd that your DR said that the few legions don't match the pain you have.  I've always read that one of the more peculiar things about end is that pain doesn't always coincide with how bad the endo is.  There is a website endo-resolved.com that has a lot of info on it.  She has a book on a diet that she swears helped cure her.  Don't know if it's bogus or not, but it might be worth looking at.
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thank you greenpixie. I am gonna look into that. It really angered me when the doctor told me that my few legions could not cause the pain I feel, I have read that every woman feels endo differently and i know my own body. I am still in pain today, went to walk in centre at hospital to try and get pain killers as I work in a hospital thought it would be quicker than doctors, they couldn't give me anything other than paracetermol etc.. Going to dc on friday morning to give them a piece of my mind. I am still bleeding and have a discharge and (sorry to be so graffic)but a brown like blood. Just wanna go to bed but pain is stopping me sleeping. Well gonna go and look at some more info sites on the net. Thanks all for your comments.
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Recently i've noticed that after i've urinated there was brownish/redish spotting. I don't take any kind of contraceptives and i just don't know what can cause that!!!???
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