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I have polycystic overies and my period comes when it pleases. sometimes I get it ontime and other times it comes 2-3 months later. How am I to know what are my cycle days. How am I to know when are Luteal Phase or my fertile days or my ovulation days? My period on a normal last 4 days but it has gone up to 2 weeks that's the most I let it run before taking the pill. Have painful periods most of the time when I haven't seen it for awhile.  And pass clot blood at times.
The length of my cycle has been as follows:
Dec 25 - Feb 24- 61 days
Mar 29- 33 days
April 11- 13 days

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1317612 tn?1321103964
I usually take birth control pills sometimes. I was told not to take it no longer than six months at any one time by the docter. Now ah days I only take it when my period runs for longer than a week. But i will check on the Metformin.
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Are you being treated for your PCOS? I'm taking birth control and Metformin. Both of these in combined are keeping my period in check. It comes on the 6th inactive pill and by the time I'm ready to start a new pack on a Monday...my period is just about gone. You will not know how your cycles or ovulation times are because us girls with PCOS normally do not ovulate. You should really talk with your doctor about starting Metformin. In time, it can produce normal periods and for some it can result in spontanouse ovulation.
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