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Ok so as you all may or may not know i took Plan B on April 7. I finally got my period on April 15 and its really bad. My cramps are horrible [its hurts to walk] and I have major blood loss, I went through about 10 pads yesterday and all of them were soaked...sorry TMI and I have the same thing today, its super heavy. Its been 3 days of super heavy blood loss and cramping that makes me feel like I just wanna die because it hurts so bad. I have been taking Motin adround the clock, and its not giving me any relief. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday at 4:30pm...But i want to know is Plan B the cause of this super heavy period???

Im suprised I even got a period this month becuase of last months problem, and even my doctor said there was a big chance of not getting it this month...but WTF?! I have it and its so bad. I have been getting nausea, light headedness. I started taking my iron pills again becuase i fear i am going to pass out.

Is this normal to have a period like this after taking Plan B???? Or do I have another problem going on?

Thanks ladies
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You said last time that you had a bad bout of bleeding last month or so, right?  So it is likely that whatever is causing that is still causing you problems this time.  Anovulatory bleeding often has the pattern you are describing.

Hang in there and see your doctor.  If you really feel like you are going to pass out, don't wait until Thurs, go today.  Plan B might have something to do with slightly heavier bleeding, but since you had the problem before, I'd bet it didn't have much to do with your symptoms now.  
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Thanks for the quick reply...what is Anovulatory bleeding??? Wouldnt the doctors have known that last month? I had 2 internal sonograms and 1 external and they said everything was normal.
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Learn to google.  It will save you lots of time by not having to ask other people to do this for you.

type in

Anovulatory bleeding
dysfunctional uterine bleeding
heavy menstrual flow
abnormal menses
abnormal menstrual period

Any of these terms will give you a starting point to discuss with your doctor.  Sometimes an ultrasound doesn't show much, and other tests might be needed.  
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i google alot too much...and i end up worrying myself that im dying then because i look at everything and claim i have every symptom under the sun...*sigh* thanks again
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