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Okayim 15 and i havebot period but today i had some spotting but im notreally sure. but when i wiped down there brown gooey discharge stuff cam out. Is nthis normal or not? is this my period? Please help. I have no mom and im so confused
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I had a difficult time understanding your post. I am unsure if you are currently having your period or not. I'm not sure why YOU'RE not sure if you had some spotting. I don't mean this to sound nasty, Sweetie, but either you did or you didn't have some spotting. It's pretty difficult to not recognize spotting when we see it.
You said that when you wiped, there was a brown, gooey discharge. Almost all women get this from time to time. What it is is left over blood that did not get expelled during your last period. Blood, when it gets old turns brown and can be coagulated, what you called "gooey." And yes, this is common and normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. It is not your period but it usually means that your period is not far off as your uterus is beginning to slough off the unneeded lining and the old stuff comes out before the new stuff.
I am so sorry that you don't have a mom to talk to about this kind of stuff. It can be spooky what our bodies can do sometimes and it really helps to have someone to turn to. Do you have any women relatives you could talk to? How about a girlfriend whose mother you really like and could talk to about personal stuff like this? If not, the school nurse would be an excellent person for you to turn to. You need never feel embarrassed to discuss anything with a nurse and anything you do discuss with her is kept totally private.
And you can always write to us. Always! While most of us are a wee bit older than you, we've got a lot of experience with periods between us. I doubt there's anything we haven't seen, heard about or experienced ourselves.
If you have any more questions about this, just drop a post, OK?
You've got a lot of "moms" out here!
Take care
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