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Persistent Vaginal Itching

Hi everybody. My problem is that I've had an on-and-off itching vagina for about four months now. The first time the itching started was about a week before my period, and I used a yeast infection treatment, which worked and immediately made me feel much better. The next month, I had the same problem the week before my period, only the itching was way less severe, so I didn't take any medication but I rubbed hydrocortisone cream to soothe the little itching that there was. Now I am experiencing the itching again, a few days before my period. My whole entire vulva got extremely itchy out of nowhere. The itching never bothers me at night. I also have this big bump on my butt near my anus that popped up the second time the itching started. The bump is usually pretty smooth but I've noticed that when the itching starts again, the bump gets hard and more raised. I also have a red bump that keeps coming back and going away on my labia. I also have a couple bumps on the space between my vagina and anus that don't itch or hurt but seem to scar up after I've had sex, which causes me to experience a little pain when I go to the bathroom. I haven't experienced any unusual discharge before but now my discharge is more brown but has never had any unusual smell. My labia and clitoral skin has also started peeling a lot. Ever since the itching began, I've stopped using baby wipes, started wearing cotton underwear only, and stopped wearing underwear to bed. I'm also sexually active, so I know that there's the possibility that it could be an STD. The yeast infection medicine that I've used helps for a month but the itching still comes back, so I don't wanna keep using that. I'm a minor and I've asked my mom to take me to the doctor but she keeps buying me the yeast infection medicine. I really wanna get checked out but I don't want to tell my mom that I'm sexually active because I already know that she'd go ballistic on me. I don't know what to do anymore, I'm really tired of this. Can someone help me?
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Hi there- You can make your own doctor's appt and it will be completely confidential ( or should be ).

Did you have a white, cheesy looking discharge?  Yeast is very itchy with that white discharge. And if you're sexually active you can keep passing a yeast infection and other STDs back and forth so no sex until this is cleared. Those bumps are a concern though...

You need to be examined soon and I'd be remiss if I didn't say to use condoms every time!  Good luck!
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The first two times I did notice a white chunky discharge, but after that it was just a very liquidy clear discharge. Do you have to pay for a doctor's appointment? Because that's the only thing stopping me from making one. And I don't have my family's insurance info.
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Yes, you need to pay so try to get some money together. Or...you can tell your mother that you have to go to be checked because the medicine she got doesn't work.  She won't know a thing about your sexual activity. Or...make an appt and ask them to send the bill to your house.  You really need to be seen and evaluated by a doctor.
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Do you know about how much I'll need? Also, my period is coming up in about a week so should I wait until after it ends?
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I don't know the fee; it's dependent on the doctor, the state, etc...Just call and make the appt and ask what the cost will be. You can go while having your period.

Another thought: Go on line and look for Women's Health Clinics in your area. These are usually less expensive. I would recommend Planned Parenthood but I'm not liking them at the moment. There should be a few places so find one soon. You really need to be checked.
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So I made a bunch of calls to the clinics around my area and they all said I should go to Planned Parenthood. But the price of an appointment there without insurance is about 120. I don't have enough money and won't have enough money for a while since I'm not working. I don't know what to do at this point because I told my mom that I really think I need to go to the doctor and she refuses to take me. She keeps saying that my hygiene isn't good, which is far from the truth. So I'm stuck.
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Oh Sweetie...I feel badly for you. Why would your Mother say your hygiene was bad?  Have you told her about the bumps?

Okay. I hate to tell you to go around your Mother but I think you need to in this situation. Call the doctor's office where you generally go and make an appt. if you've been there before they should have your insurance info on file. There is probably a co pay which could be between 5 and 30 dollars. Just ask them.

You may not have mentioned to your Mother about the bumps because you think that will give a clue about your sexual activity but that's not necessarily right.  Those bumps could be blocked hair follicles or cysts and they can get infected and cause pain.

So, I'll say to ask her one more time to help you get an appt. Tell her about the bumps and that they're sore and very uncomfortable. If she refuses then just go ahead and call on your own. They cannot call your mother although any insurance paperwork will got to her.

You sound like an intelligent young woman and I commend you for taking such an active position with this. I think you're right to be concerned and, again, you need this evaluated soon.

Could you ask your boyfriend to help you out with some money for an appt at Planned Parenthood? I know they'll take care of you there...

I'll remind you that these things can be passed back and forth between partners so you could be getting re infected every time you have sex. Please use condoms. What are you doing for birth control?   As a nurse and a Mom I'm looking out for you!
I'll check back later tonight-
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I have told her about the bumps and she says they're just blocked hair follicles from when I shave. I honestly have no idea what office we usually go to because I don't think I've ever been there since we moved to Texas from the east coast, but I'll ask. And I'm not in a relationship and I've had more than one partner, which causes me to be even more concerned because the majority of the time we have used condoms but there have been two occasions where we didn't. I talked to my partners about helping me out with money to get checked, but of course they got all defensive saying that they have nothing to do with that and it's not their problem, which is ridiculous.
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I guess you now know what kind of integrity those guys have...none.

Well, you're kind of stuck aren't you?  Can you get some money together? Borrow from friends, relatives? Do you have older siblings, cousins, an aunt that you can talk to?

Your mother is the gate keeper here so I guess you need to be firm with her and really push. Tell her what you're experiencing isn't normal. Why do you think she's behaving this way? What about your Dad?

Tell me what's happening now. Still itching? Have you looked at those bumps? Describe them to me.
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hi sweetie i am so sorry to hear what you are going through, it is not good that your mum refuses to take you to the Dr. there should be some free sexual health clinics in your area, i would search the internet use google or something to look for them, and then clear your search history incase your mum checks up on you, i understand that you do not want to tell your mum about you having had sex, and that is ok that is your choice you know her and you know how she is likely to react. but what i would definitely do is until this is sorted out do not have sex at all, and when it is sorted or if you do have sex always use protection, as this happens just before your period it may be hormonal, but what i'd do is go to the free clinic first if they find nothing then try and get money somehow, do you have any close relatives who can help you? if not you have to push your mum harder, your dr and you have complete patient confidentiality they cannot tell your mum or anyone what is discussed in a consultation and cannot give results to anyone other than you.
i really do hope that this is sorted for you, i feel so bad for you, it is hard enough at this stage of your life without having this stress. i really do hope that this is sorted out.
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No older siblings since I'm the oldest. I might be able to ask some relatives. I don't really know why my mom is acting like this, to be honest. She might be a little stressed about us moving recently. I don't feel comfortable talking to my dad about stuff like this. Whenever I have tried to in the past, he tells me to talk to my mom. Right now I'm not itching so much anymore. The perineal bumps are still exactly the same. Sometimes it really hurts when I walk. But these bumps started popping up on my butt, they don't itch or hurt but one on my left cheek kinda hurts when I sit.
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Unfortunately they don't have any free clinics in my area, I tried looking a little more than a month ago. I might try to contact any aunts I have, but I'm kinda scared that they would tell my mom. This whole situation has really been stressing me out for a while now.
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I'm all out of ideas at the moment but I'm always thinking!

I think your best bet is to get some money together and get yourself to Planned Parenthood.  I think they may even charge you based on a sliding scale so ask them.

For now, stay scrupulously clean and dry between your legs. Use an antibacterial ointment on those bumps.  And don't have sex right now until this is straightened out.  

I will say, when I was a teenager, I had a stubborn Mother as well.  In a situation like this I would have gone on strike!  "No, I can't go to the store, do the dishes, watch my brother, fold the clothes... I'm too uncomfortable and in pain..."  It's manipulative but sometimes that's all you've got...
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Okay, I'll try to do that. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep you posted.
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So I decided that since I have to go to the doctor for a TB test soon, that could be a good opportunity to ask about all the symptoms I'm having and such. For the first time in a long time, all the bumps are actually gone. I don't have any strange discharge either. But the itching is still there.
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