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Persistent itching in pubic area

Almost a year ago I trimmed with what I thought were clean scissors. Ever since, I have been experiencing itching in the pubic area around the labia and the area below the vagina opening. Whenever I give in and itch, it itches even worse. Recently I began treating it with Carbon Dioxide and it really helps, I just want it to be gone permanently. What is it and what can I do?
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Hello!  Thanks for the clarification about peroxide verses dioxide!  :>)   So, your pubic area itched after a trim job and now if you get an itch there, it becomes a bigger problem with more itching?  Is that what is going on? Really, it's going to be best if you go to a doctor to have the reason diagnosed.  Is it contact dermatitis?  Is it ezcema? Is it an allergy?  A fungus?  Each one has similar symptoms.  Here's an article to look at.  https://www.healthline.com/health/itchy-pubic-hair.  Hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel will act as a mild astringent.  This can help with ingrown hairs or issues like that.  So, perhaps it is just that if it is getting better when you use the peroxide.  
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I’ll look into that, thank you
also, I saw some flaking skin down there. I think it may be a fungus? Whatre your thoughts?
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Correction: I have been using Peroxide not Dioxide
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