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Persistent yeast infection won't go away, 6 doses of monistat and fluconazole

Hi there,
So about 3 weeks or so ago in the evenings I would have some slight itching (outside of the vagina), didn't think anything of it as i've never had a yeast infection. It then got to the point I knew something was wrong and decided it seemed like a yeast infection. I used Vagistat 3 day and though it seemed to ease the itching for a couple days at the time, it ended up just coming back exactly the same.

So I then purchased the monistat ph kit to see if perhaps my PH was off and it was BV despite not having the fishy odor or yellowy discharge. It said my PH was normal so I began Monistat 7 day. I have now had 6 doses of that, and my Doctor prescribed me Fluconazole. I took that almost 72 hours ago and it feels like since all this treatment, the itching is just worse. It now itches more inside too. When should i get some relief? She said if the fluconazole doesn't work in 3 days to take a second dose, which I will do today.

Is this all normal? I'm a virgin so it's nothing sexually transmitted. I'm still certain it's a yeast infection not BV but it seems like it should have cleared by now or I should be feeling better not worse??

Thanks for your help
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That's frustrating hon.  Sorry this is happening.  Follow your doctors odors take the second dose. What about eating probiotic yogurt or probiotic supplements to help (they say it does).  Cut down on sugar.  Soak in salt bath.  Air yourself out at night (sleep without panties if you can) and wear cotton underwear so you can breath down there.  Did the doctor swab the discharge?  Some women have dermatitis there also.  Ask your doctor about that.  god luck
Thank you :) no it didnt get swabbed as my Doctor has a 1 month waiting list and I *luckily* managed to see a nurse same day instead due to a cancellation. I've been eating both yogurt and probiotics to balance yeast too, havent done the bath and I'll try the "airing out" tonight as I've just had my last monistat dose last night and needed to wear underwear all of that time. Fingers crossed it does go away, getting a bit frustrated now :(
Im having similar issues. Im taking probiotics and eating yogurt while drinking cranberry juice. I finally  have bacteria good bacteria growing back with still a bit of itchiness. What type of bath salts do you recommend?
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