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Pink flow during ovulation?

Hi there, i have had regular periods since i started my menstral cycle at the age of 11. Everything has been pretty normal.  I am now 42. About 6 months ago i noticed brown d/c with red strands at the time of ovulation. It happens jut once although the brown d/c continues for 2-3 days. 2 of those 6 months this didnt happen. I am not sure why this has happened for the first time in my life. Could be my age? not sure. This month day 14 i noticed the red strands but this morning (day 15) i woke up with a very light pink flow of blood and it has continued all day. Since last night it almost feels like i have my period coming on. Sore back and belly cramps and very tired.  I have had a big fright and unsure again what is happening. I went to visit the gyno on day 11 of my cycle (few days back). She did an annual smear test so awaiting the results on that. She also carried out an ultrasound and noticed a small 1.9cm cyst on my right ovary. Told me to return in 3 months and that it shouldnt be a problem. about 15 years ago i had surgery to remove a cyst but have really taken care of my health and no issues have come up so im not concerned about the cyst. A woman knows when something is not right and hence visiting the gyno as i was getting strong twitches. She also noticed my endometrial lining was a little thick..She said it could be my structure yet for someone who has just come off her period, its not normally the case. I was also diagnosed with a severe case of thrush. I took a vaginal canesten tablet that night and diflucan (oral). i also took another diflucan tablet last night (day 14) which was 3 days later after seeing the gyno. I did notice the next day that the vaginal tablet has bits coming out of me with tiny red dots......i figured it was the tablet. I am not sure if this is all linked. I last had intercourse on the 14th of April and then the 28th of April. MY period was a little clotty but normal 6-7 days of heavy bleeding and then light (so basically normal period). Please can you tell me 1) Why has my body seen changes in the last 6 months? is it age? 2) are these red strands and pink flow ovulation bleeding and nothing to worry about? 3) if not, what could it be? FYI i called my gyno and she told me to come next month if the pink flow reoccurs. Any advise would be much appreciated.  D
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