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Pinkish orange urine with obvious clots but it comes and goes daily

For the past month or more I have been having random bouts of blood (pinkish orange urine and clots) in my urine. Recently pain has started in my left side and back. When I urinate I feel constipated but I am positive that I am not. In fact, I am quite regular to my doctors standards of at least once every three days. I am a once a day girl. I feel like I have to force the urine out, but only tinkle. I have frequent urges to go to the point of ridiculous. I don't feel like I'm ever emptying my bladder and I'm worried that this will cause another problem altogether.

I had a partial hysterectomy 16 years ago.
I had pre-cancer cells surgically removed from my vulva earlier this year and was told last month that it has come back and they want to try a cream this time. - but warned the cream will cause severe pain.
I was admitted into the hospital for pain between my breast and was told by the admitting physician that I was suffering from pancreatitis and then my PCP told me that it was not pancreatitis but a severe case of GERD and put me on Prilosec.

For the past 2 years I have been diagnosed with severe depression and am taking 200mg Zoloft daily. I am also prescribed 20mg of Lasik daily for water retention (which by the way is not working as well lately)

My husband knows someone who had kidney stones and thinks that might be what's wrong with me. But every time I decide to make an appointment with the doctor the blood in the urine stops for the day - but then comes back again within 1-3 days later. Why do I wait??? Because I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac. I'm afraid if I don't bleed for them they will treat me like my symptoms are all in my head again (even though there are live witnesses in my family to the physical proof symptoms).
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I would still book an appointment and have some tests done, if you aren't having blood in your urine at the time of appointment they can still run tests or do an ultrasound to see if they see any kidney stones. They can also send you home with a urine cup that way if the bleeding starts again you can pee in the cup and drop it off so they can test it then
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