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Please Help!! Possible Post Ablation Tubal Ligation Syndrome??

Hi everyone! My name is Nikki, I am 31 years old. I have 2 daughters, 8 and 3. In May 2011 I was signed and ready to have my Essure Tubal immediately following my induction and delivery of my youngest. My doctor gave me Cytotec to induce my labor which caused my placenta to tear and brought on terrible back labor(this is not FDA approved for inductions). I was advised that the tubal would be done at my 6 week check up. When that came and went and I was still bleeding heavily, she was unable to perform the procedure. By August 2011 I was in her office begging for a partial hysterectomy!! Anything to stop the non-stop bleeding since the birth of my daughter! She suggested an ablation along with my tubal and scheduled it immediately. Recovery wasn't terrible, cramps and bloating/gas pain, (I went to my sons football game the same evening) and the bleeding eventually subsided about 3 months later. From then until about 5 months ago I was "ok". Some normal abd. cramping and a pretty normal 3 day cycle that was much lighter than what I had been dealing with since I was 14.
So about 5 months ago I started having awful lower back pain. I have been seen for a cyst on my right ovary and was told it would subside on its own. But the pain in my back is so bad, to the point I was in the ER twice in one week last month! The first time I was there I was told it was a UTI and days later it was undiagnosed back pain. Pain pills given, with no relief and the pain was gone as quickly as it came about, no more than a few days after starting my period. Now, 2 days ago the back pain started again...accompanied by a feeling that I'm constipated but I'm not, off and on headaches, joint pain(ache), pain in my upper thighs, fatigue, mood swings, confusion and the lack of concentration is ridiculous! All of these symptoms have been showing up for the past 5 months, which seem to be completely out of the blue! I was almost convinced that the back pain was just something "normal" after having back labor but after reading and putting several things together, I'm afraid I may have post ablation tubal ligation sterilization syndrome.

Is there anyone that has symptoms such as mine? I've read several threads but most say they have severe bloating and abdominal pain but most of my pain is in my back?
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