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Hello I know for a fact I had a yeast infection once I took the monistat it cleared up I also had a rash on my inner thighs and rash next to my perineum closer to my anus the yeast infection symptoms went away immediately after taking the internal monistat and external I also put tea tree oil on the rashes I sometimes get musty on the crease of my legs and in my buttock I was spraying deodorant dove cucumber antiperspirant on these areas more than one time it was several and I also sprayed Chanel perfume on the outer part of my tight skinny jeans I had on I know that was stupid on my part and i know I have sensitive skin I suffer from eczema and usaully have to use unscented soaps when taking a shower or my skin breaks out but this same day it was the last day of my period and I barely had any blood but my husband and I were going to have sex and before we had sex I put a glob of dove rich moisture in my vagina I know this was very stupid of me but could this have caused my yeast infection ?
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Yes, any and all of that could.

Really, the vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. It has a very delicate balance of good and bad bacteria, and they keep the other in check. Go too much one way, and you get yeast. Go too much the other, and you get bacterial vaginitis (BV).

If you feel like you need to do more than let it be, just use a washcloth (not any soaps are needed) and wipe the external skin clean. Internally, it's cleaning itself.

No perfumes or scented anything (body washes, soaps, detergent, fabric softener, etc.), wear 100% cotton panties, use only white, unscented toilet paper, etc.

I have a feeling that this musty smell is something you smell but no one else does? If your vaginal odor is strong enough to come through jeans, it could be a sign of infection, like BV, which needs antibiotics from a doctor.  It's normal to have some odor - your doctor can tell you if what you are smelling is normal.

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Thanks so much! I think it might be BV I had BV 2 years ago and had to take a course of flagyl it was probably a mix of BV and Yeast infection right? The jeans I had on were really tight kind of to the point of giving me a camel toe you could see my vagina lips through the jeans like the middle part of the jeans were separating my lips I also am wondering if that’s why my vagina was swollen a little bit and my upper thighs were they meet had a mild rash so did my bottom of my buttocks it was on both sides of the lower butt cheeks but once I put the antifungal monistat on it went away within 3 days if it was something else would the antifungal clear it so fast ? It was like each day it got better kind of like Instant relief
I also think I am the only one that can smell myself the jeans were moist in the area from spraying so i was sitting in the jeans for awhile probably cause yeast to develop quickly do you think it could have been a mild case of Intertrigo? It just wasn’t a bright red color like the pictures on google the reason I am saying Intertrigo is because I seen some where that that will go from the perineum/ butt area pubic thighs
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