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Please help. What’s wrong with my vagina?

Please help. I have been under a gynaecologist for years but getting no where. I have had every test done, all swabs, ultrasounds and discharge tested under a microscope etc. Everything comes back clear but I am in excruciating pain with vaginal burning and stinging, also including green discharge. Yet, I have no STD’s or infection. I am in pain and embarrassment and I have no answers. Please help/provide any advice :(
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Can you get copies of your lab reports? Have you been tested for mycoplasma genitalium? What about trichomoniasis? Trich is one of the more common causes of green discharge.

I agree totally that if you are douching, that needs to stop. If you are using anything scented - body wash, feminine wipes, soaps, laundry detergent and dryer sheets - anything at all that touches you vaginally, stop using it and use scent-free.

If you are using anything except a really gentle soap to wash, stop doing that, too. You really only need to wipe the external parts with a clean cloth in the shower, and don't need soap - it's like a self-cleaning oven and cleans itself.

So check your tests, and what you're using. Make sure it's scent and dye free. Definitely get a good probiotic and try that, too
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I didn’t think to ask for copies of the lab report. But I was assured that nothing but good bacteria was detected.  Also, yes. Trich was the main thing they were looking for but that was ruled out.

I have too tried a decent probiotic but I’m still at a complete loss. Everything that you have suggested is what I am already doing and it’s just a mystery. :(

Thank you; I truly appreciate your response.
The only thing I can suggest then is to get copies of your lab work, and make sure that nothing was missed. Mycoplasma is a newer STD and it's not commonly tested for. I hope you can figure it out. It must be really frustrating. Keep us posted.  
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Have you seen an allergist? Once the obvious like STDs and infections are ruled out, you might go that direction and look for something like an allergy to the kind of soap you wash your clothes with, etc. I assume you are not douching? If you are, that would be the first thing to stop, it's irritating to the vagina.

Would this possibly have begun after you had a run of antibiotics? (Suggesting it's time to take some probiotics.)  Or, could you in fact need antibiotics? (For example, if you had trichomoniasis, which this sounds like, the treatment is antibiotics.) If this is not inside the vaginal canal but on the exterior, you might try getting one of those peri bottles for squirting water on the (exterior) vaginal area, and use one with saline to soothe your tissues.

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Hi thank you so much for your response.
Following your guidance, yes I have tried all of what is listed, as instructed by multiple gynaecologists, by which none seem to help.
STD’s and infections are completely ruled out, including Trich. This was done by my discharge being tested under a microscope.
Yes, I have tried both probiotics from nature’s best  and multiple antibiotics which were prescribed by my GP, all by which did nothing.
It’s a real mystery and as all of the tests come back clear, the gynaecologists are unable to pinpoint the issue.
It’s a real mystery and I’m at a loss. I can’t even enjoy a sex life.
Thank you again for taking your time to comment.
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