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Please let me know the symptoms of yeast infection

From last week I feel itching in my vagina and during urinating also some kind ko sensation like burning sensation. Kindly suggest what to do
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Yes It's a kind of yeast infection that I have had a month earlier.A patient of having yeast infection in his/her genital might have some itching condition some burning sensation(which was not in case of mine) and may have oral thrush like coated on the surface of tongue with white sore on here and there on the mouth may be on gum or roof of the mouth or palate. I have faced such a situation. If you have these symptoms and you are not sexually active or virgin then no worry for that and consult doctor to have a thorough check up.get well soon.if you want to know more just leave a message on my inbox.thank you.
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Hi there and welcome.  Here are the symptoms of a yeast infection---  generally a woman will have whitish discharge that is clumpy.  Lumpy.  Chunky.  (along those lines).  It will itch a great deal.  You'll be red in the other areas of your genitalia and swelling can occur.  Some stinging can happen especially if you've itched and perhaps rubbed a place raw--  so then when urine hits it it hurts.  Women get yeast infections commonly and an overgrowth of yeast is not dangerous just super annoying.  Babies get yeast overgrowth.  It's important to not douche, wear cotton undies, occasionally 'air out' (like sleeping without underwear), eat probiotic yogurt or take a probiotic supplement, etc.  Yeast happens when the ph of our vagina is out of balance which is common after antibiotics or douching.  (why we don't douche, it actually LEADS to yeast overgrowth).  

You can see your doctor for proper diagnosis---  they swab you and make sure it is indeed yeast.  Then they can either prescribe a pill you take by mouth that knocks it out or you can use over the counter products such as Monastat.  good luck
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Thanku for you valuable answers.
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