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Please please help....i dont want to see a doctor

Ok...so i am 14 and i am not sextually active. I recently discover a large white spot on the inside of the libia...almost in the vagina but not quite. It is a little bit smaller than the size of a penvil eraser. It is flat and doesnt look like a pimple or anything. It is very sore around the area though and i am very concerned. I just discovered it this morning. I tried to see if i could squeeze anything out but i couldnt. I am wondering if this could just be skin that got sliced off clean and turned white...like maybe an open sore in your mouth. Sometimes i am a bit messy/quick when i shave and i couldve gotten to close :(. Anyways. If anyone can help or knows what this is please please please respond asap. Thank you
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Have you tried Hydrocortisone cream yet?
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Is there itching or just a white skin discoloration? Please see the doctor right away. Check for Lichen Schlerosis
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These inner parts are quite sensitive so it's important to be very careful when shaving or not shave them at all. Best to leave shaving for the areas covered with normal skin. You might need to get this checked out by a medical professional. I'm sure you'll be fine. Best of luck :-)
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Don't stress. This is more than likely an ingrown hair/ cyst that hasn't come to a head yet. Squeezing and tryin to pop it will make it sore and could introduce infection so try to avoid that.
Make sure to exfoliate the area to remove debris which may be blocking the folicle. Tea tree oil may also be applied to bring the hair out.
If not, you could get a warm flannel and compress it to the area for 15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day.
It's likely to go in its own time so don't stress.
Be sure to shave with the grain of the hair to prevent this in future.
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