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Positive ovulation tests

Has anyone ever had a positive OPT while they were on their
period?  If so, is that normal?
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Never tried it on my period. But, I am 13 wks preggo and pee'd on one yesterday to see what it would say and it said+.  HA HA maybe you are preggo???
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I am assuming you are almost done with AF?
if so, sure it is possible.  dh and i tried for 18 months to get pg with our dd, finally on the 19th month our RE wanted to try IUI.  so we bought one of the OPK's and i was to start using it on the 10th day of my cycle.  i had used them in the past so i felt pretty confident in using them.  on day 10 the test line was a little darker than it had ever been in the past which i thought was weird but didn't really pay any attention to it.  from then out i got the strangest readings on OPK until they finally decided to 'call it possitive' and did the IUI.  2 weeks later we found out we were pg(on mothers day)  and then 5 weeks later at our first ultrasound we found out WHY i was getting such weird results on the OPK.....i was already pg when they did the IUI.  I had actually surged a day or 2 before the 10th day and had gotten pg then... the results i was seeing during the "testing week" was my hcg rising not LH.  

so good luck to you i hope it works out.
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Yes, it was toward the end of my period.  I think I'll take a
HPT to see if I'm possibly pregnant.  It would be a miracle.
I had my tubes tied almonst 6 years ago.
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BFN!  I did, however, have some brown mucuousy dischage that
had an odor like something was burned or like the discharge
of my cervical polyp before it was removed.  Anyone else had
this?  If so, any info would be appreciated.  (The discharge
stopped yesterday and any odor is gone.)  I had my polyp
removed 10 years ago.
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