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Possibilities? 2 Neg preg tests, high prolactin levels?

Hey all... For about the last month and a half I've been dealing with really odd symptoms-- my breasts are swollen, I mean but about 2 cup sizes, they hurt... I took a urine test because every woman I talked to about it said that was their main symptom. I went in to the OBGYN after 2 weeks of dealing with it, they sent me for blood work & found negative pregnancy test but almost 3X normal prolactin levels (the hormone mainly associated with lactation, and that did happen at the beginning). I've had mood swings, cravings, and crazy heartburn. SO -- The home test was about a month ago, blood test around the same time, is it possible that I am pregnant with all these negative results?
The whole period being late isn't an option for me to gauge it all with because I have been on depo-provera for the last 3 years and now I'm on Mirena so I don't have a regular period and usually none at all.. It worries me because if I am pregnant I need to stop smoking like yesterday, and I had an MRI to rule out a tumor in my head.
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Did I mention that my taste buds have been totally off too? Because that's one thing that's definitely aggravating!!!
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I had a fellow co-worker have these symptoms of pregnancy was even making milk in her breasts. Went to Ob did blood and urine test both negative. Was referred to a specialist a found out it was some gland or something in her brain telling her body she was pregnant. They prescribed her a pill which did help and corrected the situation. And she is doing fine and not pregnant. But that also because she's not TTC right now. Hope this really help and they find out what's going on in your situation.!!!
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