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Possible DX w/ Herpes or Allergic Reaction? HELP!

Hi everyone,
I’ll try to make it short & simple as possible but you have to know the whole story from beginning to end.
Could this be symptoms of herpes, over medicated or allergic reaction??? OBGYN says HERPES & the test can come back negative but, It can be a false negative (2wks from now)…..uuummm  what the hell =(
I did/do not have blisters, bumps or sores & no discharge. I do shave there regularly & would have notice that!  I have never experienced this (down there) ever before. My husband & I have been together for 14yrs and he has never had herpes symptoms or diagnosed with herpes. I had a child a little over 2yrs ago & my OBGYN did check for all STDs at that time. Other than that nothing has changed, I did not fool around & even though it is possible I don’t believe my husband has either and again he has no symptoms.  now I am taking meds for herpes and I am not officially diagnosed with it.
Friday Apr 30th-expressed small pimple located between the lip and the chin on the right side of face.
Saturday May 1st –entire right side of jaw line & lower cheek swollen. Checked into ER, Doc states its Impetigo, due to infected pimple.
RX prescribed:
Mupirocin 2% (ointment)
Amox tr-k clv (antibiotic)
Followed instructions & administered.
Sunday May 2nd – no improvement  & swelling is worse, went to urgent care but told me to go to ER. New ER doc says no way Impetigo, cultures taken (confirmed MRSA infection) & prescribes pain killer & 2 types of antibiotics. **stoped previous meds** started new meds right away.
RX prescribed:
Clindamycin HCL 300
Monday May 3rd – cold sweats, slight fever, tired & vaginal area itching applied Vagisil.
Tuesday May 4th -  intense burning when urinating, almost unbearable. Went to see my PCP & he confirmed 1st DX was wrong & 2nd DX was correct & Correct medication was given for MRSA treatment. Additional RX given for to reduce pain when urinating & 2 dose treatment for yeast infection.
RX prescribed:
Fluconazole 150mg
Phenazopyridine 200mg
Wednesday May 6th- Check up with PCP swelling in face almost completely gone BUT…… vaginal itch, burning & swelling is still present (NO CHANGE!) Advised to see OBGYN.
Thursday May 7th TODAY- OBGYN looks real quick and says hmm looks like you may have herpes,  but it is at its healing stage.  Takes sample for testing & prescribes me Valtrex for herpes.
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