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Possible PCOS? Blood results

Hi Everyone I'm new to this site but have found a lot of similar posts On what I'm going through. I've always had irregular periods.  But they stopped completely. Back in 2013 I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 and Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is what I believed caused the stop of my periods and At that time I weighed 238 and Doctor basically told me I needed to lose some weight before we addressed the no period issue as I had not had any in 4 years (at that time). Anyway I'm currently at 187 (still on a journey) my periods have not returned at all and to be honest after visiting the doctor I stopped due to financial reasons. Anyway recently I returned to a different doctor and informed him of no periods (6 years now) he was concerned since my uterus should be shedding regularly and informed me of high cancer risk. Current Dr thinks I may have PCOS, he also prescribed Medroxyprogesterone to see if my period will start and ran blood test. Finished taking Medroxyprogesterone which was 10mg for 7 days, period came 4 days later (Monday, currently on day two) I don't see the doctor again till the end of this month but blood work has came back. I'm able to access it online but haven't spoken to the doctor about it yet anyway they Tested my TSH levels, FSH, Estradiol and T4 Free and testosterone levels. Oh and Prolactin. Does it look like I may have PCOS? The blood work says "normal" next to Flag except for the testosterone results, it doesn't say High or Normal? On my A1C it does show High next to "flag" but I am a Diabetic type 2 so it is expected. As far as symptoms go for PCOS I can relate to irregular periods and depression and mood swings (which were what I thought was related to hypothyroidism) anyway I'm seeing doctor again but I'm feeling a bit impatient so do the blood test results show that I may have PCOS? Thanks In Advance!


29 pg/mL


8.6 mIU/mL


4.4 ng/mL

T4, Free

1.2 ng/dL


29 ng/dL

Free testosterone

4.4 pg/mL

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