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Possible causes of multiple periods each month

Hello,I'm 31, and have 2 kids.  Both were high risk pregnancies, so I had a tubal ligation almost 9 years ago.  Since then, my "cycle" has been a consistent 21 days, with severe cramping and heavy bleeding.  Last January I went 6 weeks between periods, and thought I was pregnant, but was not.  Since then there are anywhere from 10 days to 21 days between periods, still very painful and heavy.  I have had a couple cysts in the past, but none currently.  I have been tested for PCOS and bloodwork to check my thyroid, but everything has come back OK.  This past year, it seems like I'm either always on my period or getting ready to be.  It's driving me crazy!  Anyone have any thoughts or comments on what could be going on?  Am I too young to be perimenopausal?
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31 is very young to be premenopausal. My daughter is almost 17 and has had the same problem as you since she was 13 and started having her period. WE have been to SO many doctors and Specialists and still no answers as to the cause or how to stop it. She is on hormone therapy but that doesn't really help much. She is still having 3 periods in a months time, with just a couple days break in between. She has all the tests like you but we have been told by a family friend taht it is most likely a problem with either the ovaries or the Hypothalamus in the brain. He is a Gyno from another ountry and haven't been able to get very far with our doctors in that direction yet but are still pushing. I have no idea how to find out if it is a Hypothalamus problem. We are still, after almost 4 years, new at this and learning what questions to ask and what tests are needed. Hopefully one day we will have the answers and would love to share them with you. Please let me know if you find out anything as ALL info is welcome.
Hope we both get answers very soon.
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I'm not trying to go against anything anyone else has daid but.... menopause can start as early as the 30's
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There is also such a thing as premature menopause-- women who start menopause in their teens or twenties.
Could the first bleeding be with your ovulation? It sounds like it's around the middle of your cycle.
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When you had laproscopy, did they mention anything about endometriosis? The number 1 sympton is severe cramping when you get your AF. Many women with heavy bleeding and severe cramps just let it go, thinking that cramps are normal and it's whimpy to complain. That's what I always thought. That's why it took 10 years of pain before my diagnosis.
Do you also have a lot of fatigue, severe PMS symptoms, bowel or bladder problems, allergies and/or chemical sensitivities? More than half of women with endometriosis unfortunately may never be correctly diagnosed or diagnosed at all. I'm not saying you have it, but it's on the rise. More and more women now than ever before have this common, chronic disorder.
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thanks for the input, I've never been tested for endometriosis, but was told once that it probably was that.  I do have a lot of the symptoms you mentioned.  One doc even said that I must have had some sexual trauma in my childhood that I don't remember and this is all in my head!  What a quack!  I go back to the doctor this week, a different doc.  I think I'll lobby for a partial hysterectomy.  Any thoughts on that?
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The only thing with hysterectomy, partial or complete, is that endometrial lesions grow outside of the uterus. They've been found in the lungs, armpit, even the brains of all types of women at all stages of their lives. All I'm saying is, it may not make your symptoms go away, because the implants fuel the pain. You may want to try seasonale, or take continuous birth control, or maybe lupron. Anything that supresses the menstrual cycle for awhile. If none of those things work, then I'd go for the surgery. But, of course, every woman is different, and it's your decision to make.
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