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Post Sex.

My boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for a month now. As far as we both know, we've only been sleeping with each other and both have no STDs. One night, I notice I wasn't lubricated enough - so he used his spit. Well he ended up saying his penis was sore, the next morning. We assumed it was because of all the friction but it has been almost a week and its a red, slightly painful, single lump, under his penis head. I'm also on the IUD and he did mention when he goes hard he can feel it rubbing/scratching him, he is large in length and width. So our second guess would be, could the IUD have scrapped him and the fluids from intercourse have mixed together and it got infected? He went to the doctor and the doctor said to wait it out and to "take it easy"... we had sex, again and its still bothering him. This is both new to us and an immediate response would be greatly appreciated.
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Its better to be cautious and get it checked again bexause their are sevral reasons why I can give you an hyperlink to help you and you can check the symptoms.  Better to be safe than sorry . Right? Good luck and don't worry it might not be a big problem he might just be going through that bad phase but try to stop having sex and see if he is improving. If I have said anything wrong then I'm sorry.
Good luck!
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IUDs are infamous for the problems they inflict. It is very possible that your IUD had scraped his penis and bacteria from his saliva got inside the cut and grew into an infection. If he had eaten prior to you having sex OR he hadn't brushed his teeth in a while, it's very possible that the infection came from his saliva. Saliva also has enzymes in it, which eat away at things like food (hence why things like chocolate for example dissolve quicker in the mouth than in the hand; saliva is part of the digestion process) so it's likely that the enzymes in his saliva will eat away at the bacteria that infected his wound (humans have an instinct to lick their wounds for this reason). If it doesn't get better or disappear within the next week, take him to a doctor, because it might be more serious than a minor infection.
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