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Post-Surgery (cyst removed)

In Dec of 06 I had a very large 7.7 cm cyst removed from my right ovary. While they were in there they found another tiny one on my left ovary. I have a scar somewhat similar to a c-section scar. I have talked with women who have had c-sections and the only difference I have come to learn is that my ab muscles were actually cut in half while during a c-section the ab muscles are just stretched and spred apart. A friend of mine was told after her c-section to where this corsette/ace bandage kind of band around her waist so that her stomach would heal better. I was never given such a thing. My whole life I had a very flat stomach and now... 10 months after my surgery - I look like I'm pregnant. Did my stomach heal incorrectly and is there anything I can do about it now? I also heard that you are suppose to massage muscle tissue as it is healing - I know its probably too late for that but is that something that would have helped as well?
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I think even with a c-section, they cut the muscles, how else would they get in? I had surgery on my uterus and I have what looks like a c-sect scar too. Just exercise (cardio) and sit-ups should help. Just to let you know it took my body about a year to heal from the swelling from the surgery. I looked deformed in my tummy area for a while. Now it's getting better. So yours should too! I actually have had 3 surgeries through the same incision and my tummy is as flat as it was before. It might just take some time, good luck!
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