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Pre-cancerous cells HELP!!!

I would like information on pre cancerous cells.
I had a pap 6 months ago with some abnormal cells showing up. I am scared and worried. Are there any symptoms? How long does it take for it to turn into cervical cancer & how is the treatment like? is it painful? anything will help. i am 24 years old with 3 kids. i recently had a miscarriage 3 months ago. Please help.Thank you.
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If you got your results back 6mths ago, you should have been given info at the time, along with a date for scheduling another smear test, usually 3mths after the first, if not a date for surgery. Go back to whoever did your test and ask if you need to get another one done. Sometimes the cervix just kinda fixes itself if it wasn't anything serious, so the first abnormal test is usually not a concern if it's only minor changes; it's only if the re-test shows there's still a problem that you have to get it checked out more thoroughly. If the re-test shows abnormalities, it usually comes in three stages: CIN1, CIN2, CIN3. The higher the number, the more changed your cells are, and therefore more concerning. (I think after 3 it's cancer, but not 100% sure) I had CIN3. The surgery involved cutting off a thin layer of cells at the cervix, to remove the changed ones. It's uncomfortable and a bit scary, but not painful. That was 7yrs ago and every test since then has come back fine, so it was obviously done right! If you do have surgery, you'll have to get tests every year instead of every 3yrs, as the risk of changed cells is higher and it's better to catch that change (if it's gonna happen) as soon as possible so something can be done about it. Good luck!
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Well thank you so very much. I appreciate your help. I do need to get another pap test. Oh yeah and I wanted to know, will this affect the chances of me getting pregnant? Or if i was pregnant will it affect the pregnancy or the baby? and if I get the sugery, am I still able to get pregnant and have a baby?
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You wouldn't be able to be pregnant while you had the surgery (it's operating on the cervix, the bit where the baby comes out, lol, not good to be messing with that while pregnant!) but I had another baby a year later with zero problems conceiving or birthing, so you should be fine :)
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Oh okay. Thanks. (=
Well I will be setting up an appointment for a pap follow up. Hopefully everything will be okay.
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