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My period has been coming like clockwork.  I calculated it to like every 22 to 25 days.  My l.m.p was 9/8/11.  I keep feeling like any minute my period is going to start but I go to the bathroom and nothing-today I squeezed my nipples (left and right) and a clear liquid came out.  A few weeks ago my boyfriend was shot and killed so I am wondering if it could be stress causing the delay (unsure because I've been stressed out for the past three months and my period is usually early or right on time).  I took a Family Dollar pregnancy test the day after my period should've started and it said negetive, but my period still hasn't started.  Should I take another pregnancy test in a few more days (if it still hasn't started)?  Is stress playing a roll?
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what ever you do just avoid being stressed as that is the most thing that can delay your circle and is even wrong for your baby if you are preg
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Firstly, I am so very sorry to hear about what happened to your boyfriend, that is absolutely awful, I'm really sorry :(

If you take a test on the day after your period was due, you may not have had enough of the prgnancy hormone in your urine for it to show a positive result.  I would take another test in a couple of days.

Stress can certainly play a roll on your menstrual cycle too, so just repeat the test in a couple of days to confirm.  If that's still negative, and you don't get your period, I would go and see your Doctor.

Hope that helps.  And once again, I am really, really sorry for your loss.
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