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Pregnancy Signs?

OK, so about 2 and a half weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were at some friends house. We had been drinking and neither of us can honestly say we know for sure he didn't go inside of me. I know he was definately near my vagania, but we were both too drunk to really know what exactly happened. I will be 2 weeks late on Friday the 12th, I took a pregnancy test on Sunday the 7th.. I am usually very regular with my periods, I have had some headaches, back and neck pains, been eating more, and urinating more too. Is it possible that I am preganant even though I got a negative result? And when should I take another test or go get a blood test done?
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wait until friday to retest, if negative consult your doctor for a possible blood test. sometimes the urine tests dont work with all woman.
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it... I was reading that some women have taken 11 at home tests, 2 blood tests and all were negative, and finally at 3 months preggo it cam eout positive. So, I have been a little nervous!!
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Actually it was 25 days ago that the incident happened!! Yikes, I definately got that wrong.. I was suppose to start my period on the 29th...
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sometimes stress can delay ur period
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Ya thats what I heard, but delayed by 12 days? That's kinda a lot??
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Have you recently come off of a hormonal birth control? that delayed my period by 3 months, during which i convinced myself i was pregnant. multiple preg tests said no, and finally i got a blood test that was negative, and my period started a few days later.
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No I was going to start taking birth control the first sunday of my period but it never came so I haven't started taking it yet..
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