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I got a little anxious in my wait to take a pregnancy test, so it is super early.... however I took an equate brand early response test (blue dye), I got a very faint positive on both test! However I took a dollar tree test and it was completely negative! I’ve heard that blue dye test are famous for false positives, so what are the chances that I got false positives on those two equate brand test? I was so excited until I took that dollar test and it was negative:(
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Well, an early response test may pick up the hormones a little better.  But make sure you are using the tests correctly.  This includes reading them right away and not letting them sit longer than the instructions say because a second line can develop when you do that called an evaporation line which is not pregnant.  Did you read it in the time slot the packaging said or later?
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I did. It came almost immediately... after it dried the line is now a little darker. But it was definitely there immediately afterwards. This happened on both. However I hear that they’re famous for false positives:(
I went and got a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant, but the clear blue line test that came with it also had a very faint line. Then I went and got a dollar test and it was completely negative. I’m so anxious right now
That normally is a good sign that you are pregnant.  I would wait and not test again for a few days!  But that's a good sign.  The hormone triggers the reading.  If you got a positive, something triggered it as long as you used the test the right way.  
I took one again today and got a faint line but darker so I really think I’m finally pregnant:) I’m super excited... I’m also experiencing some symptoms... very, very fatigue and I’ve been super hot lately! Like I can’t seem to cool off, I’m so hot.
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