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Pregnancy after Depo

I've been on depo for 3 years and just read that it can take up to 18 months to conceive.  What would happen if I conceived much earlier than that, is there a chance that my baby would have health issues.  Can I try to conceive right away after my last injection or should I wait?  I do want another child but I want a healthy baby.
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According to one of the regular posters on here "kimmy_n_angus", she got pg two or three times during the 18 months that you are talking about.  She had miscarried each time.  She is now trying to get help from Clomid and Progesterone supplements to be able to carry the pg to term.

So, I think it's best to wait 18 months to be sure it's completely out of your system.

Search down through the old posts below, to last week, or search for the name "No Provera" - this is where Kimmy posted a bunch of info last week.
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Oh, so what I was trying to say is that you might become pg during this 18-month waiting period, but you might m/c because Kimmy keeps saying that Depo caused the m/c's.  If you were successful in carrying the pregnancy to term it's very doubtful that your child would have health problems - I'm sure it'd be healthy.  But for your own sanity you might want to wait so you don't have to go through such an awful experience.  Definitely research it further.

Good luck!
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I would also consider using a different form of birth control next time.  It looks like it might be linked to bone loss if used for more then a year.  I think everyone is different when conceiving after depo!  Good Luck & Baby Dust!
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there is no evidence or studies out there that say depo causes miscarriages. technically you only need to wait until your last injection wears off (3 months from injection) to try to conceive. it may take up to 18 months before you are able to conceive (ovulation resumes)
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actually there are several studies that say depo causes m/c....it deprives the body of producing viable amounts of progesterone....the hormone that carries a PG. technically 3 mos after the last injection is considered your first month off depo. it can take AS LONG as 12-18 mos to regain fertilty. some woman....including my cousin....got PG the very next month. i have actually gotten PG twice ON depo...and never missed a shot. the 1 st PG m/c'ed twin girls at 13 weeks....post mortum diagnosis depo induced abortion. 2nd PG was m/c'ed at 9 weeks PG...single male fetus...post mortum diagnosis again (11 yrs later from 1st) depo induced abortion. now with that said...a friend of mine got PG on depo and had progesterone suppliments the first 15 weeks and had a healthy baby boy...he was low birth weight but they don't know why.

once off depo the body goes through a progesterone with drawl. the body takes a while to get back from the effects. it has been proven that the less weight you gained on depo the quicker your fertilty will come back...depo is stored in the fat ceels and causes weight gain. so if you gained weight on depo ...try to lose it and drink plenty of water and use other methods to detoxify the body. the problem with getting PG too soon off depo is not that one is infertile it is that one's body has not gotten back completely to normal. lower progesterone is common and a thin uterine lining as well. these are all not very favorable to a successful PG. one would think a dr can fix these issues...they can. but if you records state you have been on depo ....you must wait a min of 12 months before a dr will see you for fertility issues. the manufactuer's info states fertility should be regained in 12-18 mos after last injection...so dr's make you wait the 12 mos...m/c or not. they will infact tell you to use another form of bc to prevent you from getting PG too quickly.

so....hears my advice from all the research i have done and my nursing experience. once off depo you are pretty much infertile til your period comes back. once it does, moniter it carefully to make sure your cycle is normal and long enough for you. use some type of fertility monitoring...OPKs, fertility moniters, BBT, or all of the above to see when and if you ovulate. make sure the time you ovulate till your next period is at least 10 days in length or there might be a progesterone prob....and that can cause m/c or early PG issues. i hope this was helpful and you get all the answers you need. here is my web page and feel fee to contact me anytime.


love and hugs....kimmie
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i was on depo for 4 years and after 18 months with no period i was sent for test etc, all came back ok, eventually i did get my period and became pregnant 5 months later. however i had a m/c, looking at the message above im wondering now if it was depo related. therefore should i wait longer to try again?
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i am trying for a baby , ive only has one  depo injection and was on the pill before that, my docs has told me its fine to start trying straight away is this because i only had the 1 injection? should i wait? im only 19 and healthy please give advise...
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