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Pregnancy after Tubal?

I had a tubal ligation done 10 years ago. I want to become pregnant and share a child or 2 with my new hubby.But we've no money to pay for reversal or IVF right now. We have just been flowing and enjoying our marriage and waiting for either money or a miracle from God. We figure if it's meant to be it will happen.

I seem to be having pregnancy symptoms since 2 weeks after last month's period. I am curious if they are real pregnancy symptoms or mock symptoms caused by something else, but imagined to be pregnancy symptoms from hopeful thinking. It's not like I've spent all of my time wishing and constantly thinking about getting pregnant. We've just had a few conversations about our options and which we should choose, and kinda let it flow while we wait for some money to do anything about it.

Anyways, this is what I've been feeling: my last period was only about 3 or 4 days long, instead of 6-7 days long, in which i only had 1 heavy day compared to 2-3 heavy days. My breast have been pretty tender and achy since around ovulation time (few weeks after period), when usually they are only tender for about 2 days during ovulation. They also feel fuller and heavier. My husband seems to think they look bigger too. He also believes my veins are showing more, but I don't feel they really look any different. I don't notice any darkening of areola, but I've been very mildly queezy for past two days and seem to be hungry more quickly and more often past few days.

So there you have it. Until period time rolls around again (in about a week) I am just going on what seems obvious here. But I don't want to get my hopes up. But if I am pregnant I'm praying it's in my uterus and not growing in my fallopian tubes (like can happen with pregnancies when tubes are tied).

I guess I'm not expecting anyone to be able to answer me except for God. But I just wanted to get it off my chest and see if anyone has experienced a similar situation, or if anyone who's had tubes tied and got pregnant, had symptoms like this. It sure would save us time and money if God helped me out with a miracle regrowth of my tubes (which were never burned by the way).
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Hi there.  Sorry for this situation.  I'm sure it is hard to want something that you made a choice about a long time ago that made it almost impossible.

It is pretty rare to conceive after a tubal.  But 5 percent of all women who have it do.  The unfortunate thing is the vast majority of those pregnancies are an ectopic pregnancy.  That is usually what happens in any pregnancy after a tubal and as you probably know, an ectopic pregnancy is not viable and dangerous to the mother.  

If you believe you could be one of those very rare women, you need to take a pregnancy test and see your doctor pronto to make sure that you don't have an ectopic pregnancy.  A pelvic exam would be helpful to determine what is going on in general.

I had issues with my cycle due to a slow thyroid.  Hormones can get out of whack, stress and illness can all affect our cycle.  And hormonal issues and PMS symptoms can mimic pregnancy symptoms.  >>  

Bottom line is that I think you need to see a doctor for a pelvic exam, pregnancy test and to discuss what 'real' possibility there is for you to conceive at this point.  peace and luck to you
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I was not pregnant and recently had a tubal reversal done at the end of Jan, 2015. Currently, it's only Feb 2nd and everything seems to be okay. My incisions have healed well. I'll let the community know what becomes of the situation as time goes on. =)
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