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Pregnancy querries

   I am 29 and married for 2 years.I and my husband have been ttc for nearly 7 months but no luck as yet.I am having regular ovulation and menstruation.My hubby's sperm count is also normal.However ever since we have been ttc i have been having severe pms.These pms symptoms(breast tenderness,lower abdominal cramps,bloating,carpal tunnel etc.) usually start from cd 17 and continue till cd 28 stopping only when i have my period.My periods otherwise are not painful.Also ever since ttc my mentrual flow has also become less and lasts hardly for 2 and a half days whereas earlier it used to last for about 4 days.This month i tried my best to conceive....having intercourse everyday before and around ovulation.Also tried keeping my legs in vertical position for 20 mins after sex each time but since yesterday(cd 18) my regular pms symptoms have appeared.I want to ask that can one start getting pms symptoms b4 implantation?Should i lose hope again this month?I really want to get pregnant.
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You should consult your doctor about the symtoms you are having. Making sure you tell him/her everything in detail. He/She should be able to run some tests on you (i.e. lab work-FSH, PROGESTERONE, and possibly even a HSG to make sure nothing is blocked. (I just went through all that), to where my doctor has prescribed Clomid, which I will start today, when I wake up (as it would be CD3). I'm excited and was (still is nervous) about TTC. It's been 5 years for me since I was pregnant, but miscarried twice and had an etopic pregnancy before both miscarriages.

Just think positive, ask about getting all the above tests done, look and discuss about Clomid (it's suppose to also regulate your periods) so you can somewhat be accurate on ovulation timing.

Good Luck!
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I to have been ttc for 7 months now and know exactly how you feel.  The mind can play major tricks on you when you are ttc.  I had horrible pms this month, to the point where I wanted to be alone.  I haven't felt like that in a long time.  Everything annoyed me.  My period was really strange but I took 3 hpt's and they were all neg.  My doc wants me to take a blood test but feels that I'm not prego.  It is frustrating but you are not the only one sweetie.  Good luck and hope you get some great news.
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Thanks for your comments.Its really encouraging to read such replies.Well i got a very early period this time....almost a week early.Visited my gynac yesterday.She said it could possibly be due to anxiety or stress.She has prescribed me folic acid for pms.Has also asked me to get a blood test,sonography and infertility x-ray done just to rule out any problems with me.My hubby has been asked to get a semen analysis done.We'll get it done this Friday.Lets see what happens next....
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I took the hsg, which is the x-ray to see if your tubes are blocked and it came back fine.  I guess the next step will be to keep trying and see what happens and after that to take more tests.  My fiance has 2 kids from a previous marriage so I'm assuming his sperm is fine.  I will cross my fingers for you.  Keep me posted.
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Hi ! I got a pelvic ultrasound,complete hemogram and urine test done today.All came back normal.Even my husband's semen analysis report was excellent.My gynac has now adviced to keep trying and is sure that it will work out.Am keeping my fingers crossed this month.
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