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Pregnancy symptoms but negative urine pregnancy test. What should I do?

My last period was on 2nd July. I had unprotected sex on 14 July and took plan B 2 hours later.

I had light menstrual-like bleeding during 23rd July that lasted for 3 days, but I can't confirm whether it is menstruation or other forms of bleeding.

My period is supposed to come around 2nd August this month but it was missed. I took two urine pregnancy tests 2 weeks after my missed period, both of them turned out negative.

My pregnancy-like symptoms persist. It's 22nd August, but I still haven't got my period. What are the chance? Should I retest or visit the GP?
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It's likely just your body's reaction to having taken the Plan B. It is known to mess up the next period, or even for a couple of months.
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