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Is it going to hurt when I go into labor? I am a first time mom so I was just to know from some ladies that have already been through this situation, could help me out and tell me how it is going to be. I know for alot of people, it's different but I just want to hear from some moms.
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Yes! It will hurt.. Not going to lie to you. But.. it is ALL worth it and once you lay eyes on that baby, all memory of the pain just vanishes! Why do you think women go on to have more babies after the first?! LOL We forget! I have 5 and yes, I do remember the pain very well, but it is NOTHING compared to the total happiness you will feel. I wish I could describe to you, the feeling that you will have. NOTHING else matters. All of your worries about everyday life, the pain, the past, it all just goes away. It is YOU and the BABY! And the knowing that YOU did that. Just you! You will feel like you are the only person to ever bring forth life, and make you feel so empowered. Like you can face anything!
Labor, especially in first time moms, can be delayed. And maybe even a little jump start by your doc. With my first, on my due date, I was showing no signs of being in labor, so they stripped my membranes at my weekly visit. Within 8 hours I had my "show" and the contractions began. Mild at first, but they got very painful and it took forever to make progress in dialation. Once the bag of waters is broken, labor kicks into HIGH gear. The contractions become so hard that you can no longer speak. This is a sign that you are getting there. When you cannot talk through contractions then they are working! LOL Once you reach 10 cm. and are completely efaced then you will be able to start pushing. Some women push for 5 minutes and some for hours. Delivering the head is the hardest part, it will get almost all the way out and then go back in.. But once it is delvered, you will feel some relief from the pressure, but only for a moment. That's when you get to deliver the shoulders, whch are almost as hard as the head, but at least you have the doc assistingyou by pulling as you push. Once the shoulders are delivered, then the rest just sort of slides out with ease and most docs will place the baby right on mom's tummy before the cord is even cut. That's when all memory of pain disappears. The tears flow and you have just become SUPERWOMAN!! But don't forget that after baby is born, you then have to deliver the placenta. You may be asked to push it out or it may just slide out. It isn't painful that I recall, but I was holding my babies at this point and nothing could hurt me then. You may have to have an episotomy, but it actually was a relief to me. Took pressure off the perinium and made the delivery a lot easier. Once you have delivered the baby and placenta, the doc will sew up the episiotomy and the nurses will get you cleaned up and wearing a very LARGE pad. They will also press down on your uterus (ALOT) to make sure it is reducung back to it's prepregnancy size and that there is no abnormal bleeding. Inform them if you have any large clots or feel the flow is excessive.
I had 2 with NO epidural and with the three epidurals I DID have, only one took, I highly recommend that you get one! The one that I did have made my labor a dream. Delivery still hurt like crazy, but thats another story. Think I have scared you enough for one day. But you wanted the truth and that's my story. Everyone is different, but they don't call it labor for nothing. Sure wish they called it dessert or vacation.LOL But I PROMISE, it is all worth it and after I had my first, I was ready to do it all over again. Had my second 18 months later! And so on and so on.
Happy to answer any questions you have.. Ask away!!
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With my first child, I got to the hospital to find out I was dilated to 7.  The only thing that tipped me off to the fact that it was time to have that baby was the fact that my water broke.  I still had an epidural and had no pain at all.  She was a 9 pounder too. From entering the hospital to the bouncing baby girl, it only took 6 hours.  Very easy delivery.

Baby 2.  My son was just as easy.  He did come a little over three weeks early.  My water broke with him too.  They had to induce him with a petocin drip.  That was not very comfortable.  I had an epidural with him and could still feel when his head was crowning.  I'm sure it was the petocin.  He kind of just fell out.  He was 7 lbs 2 oz's. so small compared to his sister.  From the time my actual labor started to delivery, it was only 1.5 hours.  Only 15 minutes of pushing.  It wasn't horrible either.

I've had very easy deliveries.  I have nothing scarry to say.  For the most part they were painless.  Each woman is different as is each baby.  I won't tell you my sister's horror story.  I chalk that one up to a bad ob though.

It's scarry but very wonderful.  After it's all over, the memory of the pain disappear.  Both my sister and a friend of mine said they would never have anymore children because of the pain.  They are both pregnant now.  They don't even mention what they went through the first times.

You will be fine.  Good luck!
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Labor does hurt. It's a a lot of work,hince the name"Labor". But like the other posters said it is worth it. I have beautiful baby girl, and it was no easy labor. She was born Sunny side up. If the hospital will allow you(as each hospital policy is different)walking around does alleviate some of the pains and speed up the process(It did for me anyways). Get an epidural!!!! They do help quite a bit. I got mine after 17 hrs.I would ask your dr. if they do an epidural with a continious drip, or if not. Mine wasn't a continuos drip..If I needed more medication, then they would insert it into the tube....But once I got my epidural I fell asleep...So 3 hrs later when I woke up it was time to push( I was at a 10)...they wouldn't give me anymore of the epidural medicine..because they said I wouldn't be able to push as productively.I still didn't feel 100 percent of the pain..but I did fell some of it.I would request a continious drip!!!!!! Good luck sweety!!! I am excited for you! You are about to have the best day of your life..seeing your sweet baby for the first time!!! Now I'm going to remeber mine all day!!! Thank you for that!!
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Labor sucks. Just listen to your body. You call the shots when you think your ready, your ready. I have had two kids. With my son my pregnancy was a dream all the way to 39 weeks. I went to get induced because my doctor gave me the option. I took his advise and went for it. The next morning I was at the hospital @ 7:30 Am checking in. From that time to 1:58 PM from hooking up the IV's to the epidural to delivering him was a breeze. My daughter took 25 hours of labor. I couldnt believe it. They say the second one goes faster all I can say that labor kicked my butt. I contracted for 24 1/2 hours the last 30 minutes was them trying to get ready for my delivery. Well I did even push she just came out. I never pushed once. Just the labor. But as the above poster said. Once the labor and delivery is over all the pain disappers and you have this bundle of joy wrapped up in this little blanket just looking at you like your the best thing that ever happened to them. It makes you feel good that you accomplished this goal of having that little baby in your arms. Trust me the lobor stories are different for every person but honestly they all end with a happy story. Kids are the best. I wish you the best of luck. I hope its easy for you.
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I was 20 when I had my first baby, I really was not scared untill I went into labor and felt the pain of the contractions its a pain like no other!! I screamed for an epidrual and when I finally got it I didn't feel anything just numbness but it come out of place when I was ready to push and oh gosh did I feel everything!! It hurts but I promise you as soon as your baby is out you 4 get and just wanna hold your baby, its well worth every pain and all the hours of labor! I'm now pregant wit my 2nd bundle of joy I'm 9 weeks and 2 days!! Good luck!
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