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Pregnant? Birth control help?

I am a 27 yo white female. 5’7” & 148 lbs. I have been taking a low dose tricyclic combination birth control pill (Tri-lo-Mariza) since March 2017. I am EXTREMELY diligent and have never missed a pill or been late. It’s worked perfectly for me. I do not smoke, do drugs, or take any other prescription meds.
I last had sex on 10/27 (11 days ago) at the end of my inactive pill week & the day before I started my next pack. I had a totally normal period on my inactive week, nothing amiss. I also started my new pack right on time.
Last Friday 11/2 (5 days ago) I woke up with nausea and severe diarrhea. Never threw up but had 6-8 watery stools that day. Low grade fever, joint aches, the whole 9 yards.... The stomach bug has been going around, so I have been pretty sure that’s what I had. I’ve not had any more nausea since Friday, but I have continued to have watery stool in decreasing increments (2-4 times a day).
As of today (Wednesday), I’m back to having solid bowel movements for most of the day. The only time I don’t is when I first wake up in the morning. I have still been having watery stool and an urgency to go to the toilet whenever I wake up. No nausea though.
So, question 1: Does it sound like I could be pregnant? My mom asked if I could be yesterday, and it kind of opened up Pandora’s box in my head. I have no other pregnancy-like symptoms at all.
Question 2: How should I go about taking my birth control the rest of the month? I’ve been taking them just like normal every day. I’m into week 2 of my pills (day 11). I will not be having sex again until at least a week and a half from now because I’m in a long distance relationship. Should I use backup method then? Start a new pill pack?
Thank you SO much!
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So, to be honest, those wouldn't be pregnancy symptoms that I'd think of any way.  Not sure why your mom went to that.  Women who get nausea due to pregnancy usually do at around 6 to 7 weeks into their pregnancy and it is intermittent bouts of nausea.  An empty stomach usually makes it worse.  But it is not immediate.  The reason is that you need enough hormones from the pregnancy to be there to have the symptom and that takes time for them to build up.  And watery stools aren't a symptom that I'm aware of.  Women do get diarrhea when pregnant right before delivery. But again, that's when you are about to give birth, not early on.  

To me, you sound to have had a stomach bug.  I wouldn't assume any reason for your pill to have not worked and you to have gotten pregnant.  I'd keep taking your pill as you normally do.  If you are concerned that somehow being sick interfered with absorption of your pill, sure, use a condom for this cycle. But I really don't think it will and you should be safe.  I commend you for being so responsible. That's awesome!
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