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Pregnant? What's going on?!

Crazy, long story...Today is the 17th and about a week ago began having symptoms of a UTI and im 99% that's what it was. Buuut, I have had something like it in the past and it went away after a couple of days and so I thought it'd do the same this time, even though this one was TERRIBLE. With the frequent bathroom trips only to be disappointed when barely anything comes out and it buuuurrrns. Then there was blood in my urine :( I took some azo standard but didn't realize it wouldn't cure the infection, only make me feel better. So I felt better and a day or two later I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, the 12th. And we were not smart. Day after all my UTI symptoms came back, I got a shot from a nurse I know personally..can't remember what it's called..Then the 15th, I got what seems to be a period, heavy bleeding, buuuut mucusy, snot-like "clumps" or blobs of grossness that came out when I went to the restroom. They weren't clear, it was blood. I'm not supposed to get my period til' about the 20th....and I hurt where it seemed to be my ovaries, but maybe not and cramps hurt but didn't really feel like my normal period cramps. I may just be paranoid though. And today is the 17th, period is gone, but UTI still partially present (taking antibiotics though) Soo....is it possible that I'm pregnant? Or maybe the shot I got (that you're not supposed to take if you're pregnant) led me to have a miscarriage? What's going on? *Am going to doctor soon, but wanted personal oppinions..
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