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Pregnant and not know it?

I had unprotected sex at the end of October. I took plan b and in about a week I had a really heavy period. December and January periods seemed normal, but then February was light. March was almost non existent. I have been really tired lately, constipated, bloated and crampy. I have now taken 6 pregnancy tests, all negative. Could I be 6 months pregnant and just now begin to have symptoms?
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Probably not. Have you had sex more recently, such as, February or March?

If you are super concerned about this, go to your doctor and get a blood test done for pregnancy. Those tests are not going to be wrong.
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No, not recently. However, I’ve also been dizzy, had pain in the upper abdomen (kind of feels heavy) had tingly nipples and swollen feet/ankles and pain in both ovary areas that just all started in the last month or so. Never experienced any of this before. I have been under a lot of stress lately. I was thinking maybe all was related to that, but now I am just unsure.
When I was pregnant, I had almost no symptoms the first 12 weeks except being unable to button my jeans button on long car rides, and very sore boobs, not tingly in the nipple but like bad PMS. Other women have different symptoms. But really, the symptoms you are describing don't sound that much like pregnancy. (For example, pain in both ovary areas sounds more like ovulation than pregnancy, since the ovaries stop producing eggs if you are pregnant.) Go see your doc and explain what is happening.
(* and explain what is happening...) and the doctor will order hormone tests or other measures to diagnose your symptoms.
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