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Pregnant or Period?

My husband and I have been ttc for about a year more or less. I had my af on June 12th! And it was very very very heavy!! Didn't have one in July and haven't had one yet. But lately I have been eating everything I come across, thirsty, broke out more than usual, and have been spotting light brown pink discharge. I was looking on the internet and it looks like you can have the same symptoms for a period and pregnancy. The only different thing is light brown discharge is more sign of pg. But I was wondering could this be a "warning" sign for my af? Please help!
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Not sure how you've gotten this far without doing a home pregnancy test. I'd be dying of curiosity! :) The pink & brownish spotting can be from implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterine lining. I have had it before when I was pregnant. Your symptoms are consistent with pregnancy, but I have felt pregnant before and turned out not to be. So go get a test and do it first thing in the morning! (You get the most accurate results in the morning when you use your first morning urine.) Good luck! :)
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i dont think you are pregnant it just your periods is late sometime it happen before and after periods brown discharge
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Pregnancy symptoms and PMS symtoms are VERY similar. No one can tell you if you are pregnant by symptoms, you have to take a home pregnancy test to know for sure. Since you are already late, take one now to know for sure... Good luck
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I would take a pregnancy test to find out, but usually the brown discharge is a sign of pregnancy, but yes it could also be AF.
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Well I took a pregnancy test today and it took forever and had a very faint (-) sign..so I don't think I am pregnant. But I have an appt pretty soon with doc to see what is going on...because honestly not having my period is kinda freaking me out. Thank you all for your responses. :)
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