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Pregnant or not?

This is my first time taking provera im on day 6 and my breast just started becoming sore two days ago but my breast got bigger before i started taking provera and ive been hot all the time and hungry a lot more lately, can provera cause this to happen or could i be pregnant? Ive only been three weeks late but i am now 10 weeks late for the first time.
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Hi - it looks like some symptoms you're experiencing are known side effects of provera: http://www.drugs.com/cdi/provera.html
That's a link to the general info, but if you click on the side effects tab, you will see that you're urged to contact your doctor if you experience some of the side effects.  It also looks like you're not supposed to take Provera if you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant.  At the least, you should take a home pregnancy test ASAP, but honestly, I think you should call your doc.  They may want to monitor you more closely.
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Ive taken a home pregnancy test said i wasnt so i waited until i was 4 months late to get a blood test done to see if i was pregnant but it said i wasnt then i made an appointment with a obgyn i told her my breast got bigger, i felt like i had to puke in December but never did, that ive been three weeks late but never this late so she put me on provera and told me to go back 2-3 weeks so i have another appointment on the 8th. Im going to ask her to do a ultrasound just to be sure when i go see her on the 8th.
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