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I've had a few of the early signs of pregnancy extremely sore breasts, headaches, extreme tiredness, increased toilet time (haha) but the other morning i started bleeding a few days early than when my period would of been due which isnt too out of the ordinary however i usually get very heavy periods and after a day and a half this one has completely stopped, it was more than just spotting like how they describe an implantation bleed however its been a light flow of red blood (sorry to gross anyone out with this next comment) with no like tissuey type stuff that i usually get! i took a early preg test last week which came back negative however i think i may of been too early is it possible im pregnant?
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It sounds like it is quite possible! I would wait a few days and test again! Go to the dollar store and stock up!
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If you've had unprotected sex, then yes, it's possible.  The real question is how likely, but no one can answer that.

Take another test in a few days.  If still negative then you probably just had a weird period this month.
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I was wondering I'm 38 years old a mother of 2 children one 18 and 14 years old. I had a very unusual cycle for October of this year and missed Nov's which usually start around the 27th of each month on Nov 10th I had a dark brown discharge and started feeling weired after that I was wondering if I was pregnant or not especially since af didn't come in Nov. Morning sickness, dry skin, metalic taste, frequent urination, most aweful headaches,hot flashes I sleep with my window cracked open just to breath my breast are tender and I'm having mood swings. So I keep telling myself that it's menopause. I took a pregnancy test
on last week and it came up negative. So I was going to wait unti I miss my next af for this month. I'm lost here I don't know what to think or do I have sleepness nights sometimes I wake up so hungry around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and the pains wont stop until I eat something is this just my nerves, menopause or what.
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Both of you sound pregnant to me((hugs))jekesha Omg,girl teenagers wow.I'm preg.1 month & my son is 12.Big diff,huh?Well good luck to both of you,Oh I had all the symptoms above.Keep us posted..nanis
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thank you so much for your responses! and yup i did have unprotected sex with my partner (just to clear that bit up haha) im gonna do another test beginning of next week fingers crossed for a positive! i dont know how ill be able to wait that long! thanks again everyone!
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